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Senior Photographer DJ Struntz’s images grace Hurley tees

Wear your charity

Kelly Slater // San Clemente, California // 13:11


Sherm captures a day in the life of Kelly Slater during the 2012 Hurley Lowers Pro from 6:15am to 7:25pm

Breakfast (no cereal), culinary news (yum) and Trestles

Nick Rozsa // Ventura // 2:34


Bookmark Cigarettes for Everyone — the latest web clip you’ll want to keep on daily rotation

World Tour talent on his local stage

You Are Here: Peter Heller, Writer


You Are Here, Nathan MyersHe was a middle-aged kook trying to drown himself at Jaws.

Then he wrote one of the coolest books I’ve read in a while. This is a rescue buoy.

Raph Bruhwiler // Innersection // 3:36


Raph Bruhwiler lives in Canada. He has a gun. He hunts stuff.

He kills it.

Jeremy Carter // San Clemente // 2:42


The oldest Carter brother, in and around town

Blasting fins and releasing tail

2012 Triple Crown Predictions: Haleiwa


Part one of three, The Reef Hawaiian Pro

A forecast of Haleiwa’s action

Rip Curl 2012 GromSearch National Championships


Who’s going to Bells?

A future hero, to be sure

Calling all Surfers: Restore the Core // 2:17


Hurricane Sandy has long passed, but her wake of destruction is still very evident

How can you help? Thought you might ask

Jake Halstead // La Jolla // 1:27


Three October days

“The Shack Attack”

Warren Smith // Signature Series // 1:28


Warren Smith’s ‘Church’ short — available in Australia now and coming to the USA in Summer 2013

It’s love at first sight

Mason Ho & Family // North Shore, Oahu // 3:08


Surfing’s favorite character returns to his local stomping grounds

That all too familiar feeling

John John Florence // OffTheWall.TV // 4:46


John’s journey from humble beginnings to World Tour victories

“Growing up in Hawaii, I think it’s more about learning respect.” — John John

Matt Pallet // Innersection // 3:35


Ever had your drink spiked by a clown then gone surfing at night?

South African surfer Matt Pallet shoots, edits and stars in his own really creative section.

Miss Reef Calendar 2013 // Galapagos Islands


Reef’s Latin roots shine clear. Very clear

Fullscreen it. It’s almost lifelike. Almost…

You Are Here: Jeff Rowley


You Are Here, Nathan MyersWant to surf big waves – then you should be listening to classical music. And quit your job. And stop surfing the small stuff

Just ask Australian big-wave devotee Jeff Rowley

Jay Thompson // Shaping Boards // 2:10


Jay goes old school with it

How’s it go? You tell us

Bending Colours


Jordy’s new shred flick is exceptional

Slob airs so clean we’re calling them “Tidys”

Brett Burcher // Innersection // 1:56


Thick barrels and solid power surfing…

And one of the best wipeouts we’ve ever seen. Ever.

Oakley Team // Java, Indonesia // 7:06


In Oakley Dispatch episode 8, Sebastian Zietz, Dustin Barca, Danny Fuller, Eric Geiselman and Lee Wilson embark on a journey to Java

Perfection found in empty line ups

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