You Are Here: Surfing & The Olympics

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersWhile the Ralph Lauren designs custom spandex for our bestest ping-pongers, shot putters and race walkers, surfing remains on the sidelines.

Do we even care? A SURFING Poll ponders.

WAR(d) Stories: Barbados // 18:05

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You’ve seen the photos in our February 2011 movie issue — now see them come to life

Maxing Soupbowls welcomes Chris Ward and Mason Ho into her emerald womb

Billabong’s Design For Humanity 2012

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We gathered together Wednesday evening to celebrate humanity by rubbing elbows with beautiful people and toasting to the good cause

But do we really need a good excuse to have a good time?

Alex + Koa Smith // El Salvador // 3:07

Video / escapes into the wild west of El Salvador

Life operates by a different set of rules here

2012 Follow the Light Finalist: Shawn Parkin

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Five finalists remain in the running for the Follow the Light grant. Here’s five unseen images

Parkin follows the light from inside a tube guided by a handplane

Noah Cohen // Indo vs. Canada // 3:26

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Nice bit of surf-adventure filmmaking

From a place where every session seems to be some sort of adventure.

Fox’s #NoFilter Trailer // 1:06

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WT athletes, big wave hellmen and some fresh faces converge in Fox’s latest flick

Debuting at the US Open coming August 4th

Jeff Rowley // Albatross, Australia // 2:26

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Who surfs big waves solo at an outer Victorian reef?

Jeff Rowley does. Nobody is doing that

Baby Take it Off!: Chasing Mavericks

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Baby! Take it offChas Smith will be sitting front and center

Because he’s Team Greg!

Chippa Wilson + Nathan Fletcher // Chromatic Trailer // 1:31

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The anticipation is already starting to churn as Analog releases their new trailer, CHROMATIC

Chippa and Nathan Fletcher face off with Riley Blakeway behind the lens. A winning formula indeed.

2012 Follow the Light Finalist: Ryan Craig

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Five finalists remain in the running for the Follow the Light grant. Here’s five unseen images

Lightning, Mavs and stellar water shots

Michael Powell // Nicaragua + El Salvador // 2:25

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Powerful stuff from Powell’s summer break

A road trip through Central America yields a score

Back When Shit Was Cool

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As you read this, give a tip of the hat

To the Cat</strong

Nat Young // South Africa // 2:45

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Nat’s backhand alone belongs on tour

A banger Jeffreys Bay tube to close

Burning Down The Box

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Fireworks and fire breathing

Oh the fun they had

DIY: Produce A Movie

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The Coffins are going on surf trips for all the right reasons

We can’t wait for more

What Is He On?

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Think there will ever be single fins on tour?

Probably not, but they sure are fun

DIY: Start A Brand: Epokhe

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If nothing fits

Build your own

DIY: On Tour

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Nate Yeoman’s thrives without a headline sponsor

“To say the tour’s a grind — f–k that — it’s a fairy tale

DIY: Start A Shop For Men

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Built for speed

Not skinny jeans

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