OBX Black and White. Photo: DJ Struntz

No one around to hoot for you. No one around to mind if you hoot for yourself. The Outer Banks, sound-proof. Photo: DJ Struntz

Timmy Turner and Skull. Photo: Taras

Whether 'tis nobler to surf the reefs and barrels of outrageous feraldom, or take cover from a sea of troubles? Timmy Turner gets existential. Photo: Peter Taras

Empty Black and White Lineup. Photo: Struntz

Hey, neat left. Photo: Struntz

Nat Young Central Cal. Photo: Lawrence

Nat Young makes a splash every time he hits the lip. Photo: Nate Lawrence

Michael Dunphy Santa Cruz Pier Silloutte. Photo: Lawrence

Between the bars at the Santa Cruz Pier, Michael Dunphy channels Elliot Smith. Drink up, baby. Photo: Lawrence

Alejo Muniz Snapper. Photo: Lawrence

Don't blink, or you'll miss Alejo Muniz changing the interpretation of "surfs like a Brazzo." Good luck surfing like this Brazzo. Photo: Lawrence

Kai Neville at home. Photo: Lawrence

Kai Neville at home, the consummate dapper gent. Hand this man a highball and put on Etta James. Photo: Lawrence

Balaram Baja. Photo: Struntz

One hand in the air — can you spot the other? Balaram Stack, sneaky reach-around in Baja. Photo: Struntz

Bruno Santos Indo. Photo: Lawrence

Parallel lines, congruent billowy whites. Indonesian geometry with Bruno Santos. Photo: Lawrence

Dillon Perillo Indo. Photo: Lawrence

We look up to Dillon Perillo, often literally. On the Search in Indonesia. Photo: Lawrence

10 Photos // Editor’s Choice