J-Bay Day 1: The Show Must Go On

posted by / Photos / July 15, 2011

Even “small” J-Bay is fun as hell. And with Jordy, Julian, Dusty and so many others suited and booted and keen to compete, who needs Kelly (in Fiji), Dane (in the Orient) and Bobby (laid up with some busted ribs)? Not us.

(No but really, come back soon guys.)

All photos by Ryan Miller

Brett Simpson

Brett Simpson lost out to Joel Parkinson in round one. If the waves stay like this (and it’s said that they will), we predict that Brett will beat Adam Melling in round two.

Jordy Smith

Posting the highest heat total of the day (16.87), defending champ Jordy Smith took advantage of small waves and light onshore wind with airs and tail chucks and what not during his first-round win over Sean Holmes and Adam Melling.

Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning getting in some first light practice. Mick beat Heitor Alves and a no-show Bobby Martinez in round two.

Jordy Smith

Jordy and his father cross some South African pride swords.

Jordy Smith

“Look honey, a Jordy Smith.” A not-so-rare, pre-dawn sighting at Jordy’s watering hole of choice.

Julian Wilson

Lose focus? Nah. Julian Wilson signs some pre-heat autographs for the local “lighties.” He won the heat, pink board and all.

Raoni Monterio

This is just fine form. Raoni Monteiro lost to Parko in the first round, but looked good doing it — and that’s really what matters (unless you’re trying to requalify).

Cape Town native and J-Bay savant Sean Holmes is one of the most notorious wild cards on tour. Remember how he had Andy’s number for those few years? Expect that Taj is tossing and turning tonight knowing he’s up against Holmes in round two.

Cape Town native and J-Bay savant Sean Holmes is one of the most notorious wild cards on tour. Remember how he had Andy’s number for those few years? Expect that Taj is tossing and turning tonight knowing he’s up against Holmes in round two.

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  • James B

    OK, let´s talk about Kelly Slater´s no-show in J-Bay…

    In first place, Kelly Slater is one of the most selfish surfers in the whole World Tour. If he´s not going to J-Bay is not ONLY because of the swell in Fiji… no, no, no, no. It is because he´s not leading the tour as he was used to be. Do you guys, seriously Want to tell me that if he were in 1st place in the ranking and defending the his 11th title he would not show up to J-Bay? Let´s be serious, Kelly..

    In second place on criticizing Adriano De Souza´s floater in Rio… Shame on you, Kelly… you´re not only selfish. KS is also a cynical and short memory guy when he wants … 2 years ago he won the final of the WCT in Imbituba, over De Souza, on a left he put a long floater … At that time he must have forgotten to criticize his own victory… Anyway, this year the combination Adriano put him in Bells Beach was done in 6-8 feet wave PERFECT!

    Slater was also a very bad loser when he lost the WCT of Imbituba to Jadson Andre, last year, when instead of congratulate Jadson, Slater just criticized the guy saying he doubted that Jadson was able to surf waves with barrels or in his bachand… And in France, the same year, Jadson proved Kelly was wrong, surfing great barrels and getting great scores in 8 feet, left and right.
    And NOW, after all these years, KS is criticizing the tour that gave him his 10 world titles, made is carreer, fortune and his name. Sad, sad, sad…

    That´s why, for me, Kelly Slater and his opinions are not worth an ass of lizard. He´s a champion, should be more humble and fair, not such an asshole.

  • mattman

    Is it just me, or does Jordy look like a big mutant alien person in that picture with his boards and his dad?

  • hungry

    …and for my main course, I’ll have the “ass of lizard”

  • ChajerBoi

    James B-

    Dont you ever bad-talk the king.

  • Insane

    Seriously, James B, you actually wasted your time typing all that garbage? No one cares. Oh, & go back to school. Your English grammar is terrible.

  • mic

    Let’s see I have 10 world titles I’m a multi millionaire.
    I can do what I want when I want with who I want and not worry about the price.
    Fiji is pumping J Bay is FUCKING SMALL and WEAK!
    what should I do???

  • i have read them all

    James B,
    I can only imagine that if you and Kelly were the only guys out in the water. You wouldn’t say a negative word, but sit there puzzled at why you even spend time in the water

  • Jah!

    James B,
    Note: I bet Kelly would have stayed in Fiji even if he was in first place; especially if he was in first place…have you seen the pictures??!! If you have the skills and the timing to be in Fiji with that elite group, during that particular swell, why would you leave for a 30 minute heat for what J bay is offering?? Let it go…you sound pathetic……

  • James B

    Dear friends, you can talk about my english grammar, you can say that Kelly is the king (and i agree), you can say that i´m just jealous…

    But you can´t say that i´m wrong. There wasn´t one single lie or wrong info in my first text. Sorry about that, folks.

  • Jerry Curl

    Dear James: you’re wrong.

  • dc

    i agree with James B.

    Kelly is the the king, true!! But how can the sport of surfing grow if the athletes miss the “grand slams”?? “Ohhh the waves are so bad…” FUCK that, 1000000000 people would do anything to be able to do what he does. If you want to be a pro, act like one. That’s why all the new brazilians kids are taking the sport. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL’S. Dane was my idol, not anymore. “Hes an artist”, bullshit, he doens’t do anything i never seen before( he does rip on surfing)..Foolish kid

    the hell with Kelly and his selfish attitude. People and Sponsors depend on him. If you don’t quit at the end of the year don’t semi-quit/quit at the middle. Foolish man

  • mic

    Important lesson in life depend on no one, but your self.
    Here is another one for you, this is a tough one.
    You are 100% responsible for your own results in life.
    Great looking swell on the way to Indo O O!
    I can’t wait to hit it!

  • ym

    james b is right, ks-fanboys can’t handle critique

  • tom From hossegor

    If someone did something for Surfing it is Kelly Slater.
    Guys who talk about respect from Kelly should respect Kelly First !!
    It’s easier to talk from your computer tant beeing a legend for sure ..
    he did mistakes or reacted the wrong way during his career? and what …
    you may forget he is a human beeing like you guys.
    I wish Kelly would surf at Jeffrey’s for the show , but i can’t wait to see the
    footages from fidji as well
    Stop criticize and go surf to relax.

  • David

    Love Kelly but James is right…. If he were leading he’d be there