December 2011 Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Photos / October 24, 2011

Yadin Nicol. Photo: StruntzDownload: Yadin Nicol. Photo: Struntz


Kolohe Andino. Photo: StruntzDownload: Kolohe Andino. Photo: Struntz


John John Florence. Photo: LawrenceDownload: John John Florence. Photo: Lawrence


John John Florence. Photo: LawrenceDownload: John John Florence. Photo: Lawrence


John John Florence. Photo: LawrenceDownload: John John Florence. Photo: Lawrence


Dane Reynolds. Photo: LawrenceDownload: Dane Reynolds. Photo: Lawrence


Dane Reynolds. Photo: LawrenceDownload: Dane Reynolds. Photo: Lawrence


Dane Reynolds. Photo: LawrenceDownload: Dane Reynolds. Photo: Lawrence


Dane Reynolds. Photo: LawrenceDownload: Dane Reynolds. Photo: Lawrence


Conner Coffin. Photo: StruntzDownload: Conner Coffin. Photo: Struntz

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  • Kaipo Gomes

    Nate Lawrence take a bow. The huge air shot of John Flo is epic and the Dane shot from behind the wave with a toe on the tail should have been the cover. Awesome!!!

    Now to the Editor no longer at ING. What the fuck?! Blow the shit out of Salina Cruz and get a 2-year photo/video ban for everyone and now expose this secret spot in Japan?! I guess going back to either place will have some drama for Travis as it should. Some people are pissed to say the least. Thanks for screwing the rest of us with Salina Cruz. Keep your mouth and pen shut.

  • Jeremy H.


    Maybe they’re doing us a favor here. No pro surfers with bottomless travel budgets traveling last minute at the sign of a good South swell? Shit, I’ll take it.

    Who are you to complain about it?

    Salina Cruz surf camps have been running ads in major publications and all over Surfline for forever.

    Kaipo. Suck it.

  • Jeremy H.

    Oh yeah, the photos are rad. That big John John barrel shot is rad.

  • Your Daily Friend

    Those big barrel shots of John John are nuts!

  • Sheen

    Cover would have been Kolohe if he didn’t have his foot over his 6.0 sticker

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Jeremy H,
    It is morons like you that can’t communicate or understand even simple English that make responding to this futile. Doing you a favor? Really. Did you ever go to Barra BEFORE the Rip Curl contest? It was a secret spot. Go now and pay to surf with too many people. SurfING has blown the secret of Salina Cruz that is why they are pissed. They also took that same mentality to Japan and exposed that secret spot. Same Editor same result. Pissed off locals. Jeremy you show up and you will get the anger from the locals because of SurfING. Do you get that? It is a “code” that exists in the Surf World. Don’t reveal the location of a Secret Spot. How old is that rule? If you don’t get that Jeremy H go back to English 101 and educate yourself.

  • JohnnySubtronicGinandTonic

    Aight I’m gonna step in here just to raise a point. Kaipo is 100 percent correct. The first person who decides to cross that line and hint at the geographical location of a secret spot should be held responsible.

    That being said, I know where that rivermouth in Japan is and I’ve never been there. If something is really secret, surf publications shouldn’t even publish photos. That’s enough to get guys like me on the scent and figure out the where the spot is. That is how I know where that particular rivermouth lies. If it’s secret, it’s no longer good enough to not mention the name or reveal landmarks in the photo. Too much information out there. Just don’t shoot it if it’s secret. Period.

  • Sliding Sense

    The only way this entire foreign crowd scored a epic rivermouth was because of the relationship they have with Shuji Kasuya, the Japanese ambassador of surfing. Shuji was their personal guest throughout the trip, and these guys were given permission to surf these sports. A secret spot? Doubt it. Well connected? Obviously.

  • yep

    Downloaded images are very pixelated on my desktop.

  • Stewart

    Is Kaipo Gomes related to Johnny Boy Gomes? He sounds like he is. I wonder if he, like Johnny Boy, has a short mans complex? I wonder if Kaipo is a wanna be Hawaiian like Johnny? Sure, Puerto Rican and Portugese is close, but still not quite indigenous blood. I wonder if Kaipo wears really tight and bright surfing shorts; the kind that excentuate your ball sack like the kind Johnny used to wear. I wonder if Kaipo claims every wave he surfs, whether it is 2 foot shore break or 10 foot Pipe? I wonder if Kaipo has ever gotten his ass handed to him by a gnarly Tongan at Ehukai Beach Park like Johnny has? I wonder if Kaipo wears gold chains around his neck when he surfs, kind of like how Mr.T does, sorry, I mean Johnny Boy….I wonder if Kaipo takes steroids like Johnny used to?

  • Mic

    Go Stewart Go Stewart love it!

  • Mic

    What ever happened to Jonny boy anyway?

  • Kaipo Gomes

    How is the Bodyboarding world going Stewart? Those tummy twirls are killer. Never knew what it was like to steal someones doormat, take it to the beach and try to ride waves. My chains are real gold. My truck is black, huge tires, lifted 6 feet, I have 7 Pit Bulls, I only eat Spam, I have diamond earrings, claim everything, don’t fight anymore, own Third Dip, and still don’t like spongers. Does that answer any of your questions? How’d you get so far off topic Stewie?

  • notcool

    Wow This is the best issue of any magazine I have seen in a long time.
    John John is nutz!

  • J.J. Munkler

    I’ve been to Japan twice myself in the 80’s.It was a great experience and good memories.Looking at the photos of the great surfing catching that big air its what makes life worth living.Getting up everyday so you can strive to get to that adventure and flush your head of all the nonsense and live.

  • DB

    I lived there for 12 years and get back 2 or 3 times a year. Being an Island, Japan has thousands of secret spots. These guys visited a few that were easily accessable and 90% of the time, have no waves. Come Typhoon season, you can find whatever you want if you don’t mind looking. I have found that when it gets big, there are very few people out.

  • hiro

    I’m a surfer, I live in Tokyo Japan.

    I surf at shonan.

    last weekend, it was great waves,in this area!

    there are fuckin’ crazy surfers but, they are fuckin’ great surfers…


  • marvin flores

    yeah good’s pictures nice i like all pictures yeah!!!!!

  • Syams

    love it…