Five Photos by DJ Struntz, Vol. 2

posted by / Photos / October 26, 2010

Words and photos by DJ Struntz

Damien Hobgood // Lakey Peak, IndonesiaDamien Hobgood // Lakey Peak, Indonesia

The crucifixion of Damien Hobgood. The media loves to lament Damo’s seeming lack of new-school maneuvers in heats; truth is, if you could barrel ride or throw massive backhand hooks like Damo, would you really care if you couldn’t do a stalefish?



Yadin Nicol // Periscopes, IndonesiaYadin Nicol // Periscopes, Indonesia

Yadin can throw some of the loftiest maneuvers of anyone, but on our recent trip to France (look for it in SURFING soon!) I gained a whole new respect for his critical barrel riding skills. Yades, flying the Indo skies a lot more stylishly than Garuda Airlines could ever hope to.



CJ Hobgood // CobblestonesCJ Hobgood // Cobblestones, Indonesia

My 70-200 mm port flooded (Airlines crushed the carbon fiber port, in a Pelican Case — go figure) so I swam with a 24 mm. Wave can be a skatepark on the right tide and CJ was wreaking havoc on a little fish until it snapped. Oh well, bad day for equipment.



Nate Tyler // CobblestonesNate Tyler // Cobblestones, Indonesia

Everybody knows Nate can throw and land ridiculously high and technical airs, but you seldom see shots that show how stylishly he surfs below the lip. This shot reminds me a lot of Machado — nimble, quick, super light on his feet, but explosive in the same instant. Now if I can just get him to pull into some big closeouts for me…



CJ Hobgood // Lakey Peak, Indonesia
CJ Hobgood // Lakey Peak, Indonesia

First day of the trip and waltzed right into the tail end of a solid swell. CJ and Damo have both been really focused the past two years on technique and smoothing out their surfing — almost to a fault. These days their surfing is so subtle and refined it almost makes it look like they aren’t attacking, but if you look at the track CJ is leaving in this wave, you can see the power behind the silky smoothness.



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9 Responses to “Five Photos by DJ Struntz, Vol. 2”

  1. jonny Mathews says:

    Sweet photos !! Why is the photographer sound like he is reading a script for these captions ? over all B- for this post. Get those sensors cleaned and try to create an image not wait for it to happen.

  2. LMB says:

    Great use of light and color – combined with peak action. Captions give an extra dimension and insight, to both the athletes and how the images were made. Really looking forward to seeing the France stuff in print.

  3. Taras says:

    Post your shots Johnny. We’ll do a 5 photos with your shots. Send them to my email. Thanks.

  4. Harrow says:

    Jonny, little jo jo. Shut the fuck up and quit reading the captions in your droning queery-like voice.

    Thank you.

  5. Jonny says:

    Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha haHa ha ha haHa ha ha haHa ha ha haHa ha ha haHa ha ha ha

    read less message boards and actually do something ?

    heard OB was firing the other day….where were you ?

  6. Brent says:

    Nice shots, light is unreal Call pelican case they should cover a new port.

  7. Brent says:

    On a side note is there anything the airlines can’t break?

  8. Jheilman says:

    Pretty mental shots DJ…Probably the coolest kerrupt photo I have seen that wasn’t a sequence….

  9. David G says:

    the last picture is amazing

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