Five Photos by Jimmicane, Vol. 3

posted by / Photos / November 11, 2010

Darren, The Legend Muschett
Darren “The Legend” Muschett

Darren is the first of many friends I met in PR. He lives in Rincon and is by far the best surfer there. He still flies under the radar a little because all the photos get shot up north. I stayed at his house for my first-ever photo trip and it was classic. I got love for Rincon.



Brian Toth
Brian Toth

There’s not many lefts on the northwest coast of PR so any chance the goofies get to go frontside they froth. Brian, Wesley Toth and Jacob Cruz go nuts at this wave but, normally it’s one of the worst waves you can surf.



Alejandro Moreda
Alejandro Moreda

There are so many psycho chargers from PR. Carlos Cabrero, Otto Flores, Juan Ashton, Joe Suarez, Jorge Iglesias, Dylan/Josie Graves, the Bursians, Gaby Escudero, Chino, Jake Cruz, Brian/Wesley Toth… There’s too many to name and this photo shows why–they get huge waves. This is Ale about to get cleaned up at Table Rock during one of the bigger swells I’ve seen in the Atlantic.



Aron Gieger
Aron Gieger

I lived with Gieger for a while and he’s one of the funniest, most progressive thinking, awesome people I’ve ever met. This photo was shot in 2005 and he was already doing huge indy grabs. No one besides him even thought to try these on a surfboard. His family owns Surf Zone, on top of the hill, at Surfer’s Beach. It’s a rad shop.



Dylan Graves
Dylan Graves

This is the biggest barrel I’ve ever seen at Gas Chambers. Normally, there’s boogies dropping in on everyone but no one besides Dylan wanted a piece of this thing. The wave breaks about 10-20 yards in front of a jagged cliff, with hellish backwash slamming you at any given moment.



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  • Oliver K

    sick photos jimmy! makes me wanna do a pr trip very soon…

  • Chris Cote

    GIEGER!!! I miss that dude. PR has some of the most interesting and awesome surfers on Earth.

  • Kris Kerr

    Stoked on the the Gas Chambers shot, kinda heavy huh?

  • Tish

    Jimmicane…?? I like that !!! Love those shots man, they are all my boys..!!..
    But I need to see more of Jake !!

  • Nick

    love that frickin’ Toth shot… such a unique angle

  • N. Adams

    Solid imagery as always and couldn’t agree with you more about the guys on the rock and the energy they bring to the surfing world!

  • nick a

    Ive surfed table rock quite a bit. A lot of people wont surf that break because you can get sucked underneath the rock…….and that is DEFINITELY the BIGGEST i have ever seen it in a photo! Oh and Ale is definitely a charger..and he is super humble. The guy rocks!