Five Photos by Jimmicane, Vol. 2

posted by / Photos / October 19, 2010

Words and photos by SURFING Associate Photo Editor Jimmicane Wilson

Caio IbelliCaio Ibelli

This is Caio Ibelli before sunrise on the first morning of our trip. The waves were as good as I’ve ever seen and the guys got a few at this spot before we relocated to Nokanduis, where Conner [Coffin] perforated his eardrum. It was on his first wave while none of the other kids caught a wave.



Ian GentilIan Gentil

Ian Gentil is a skinny little kid but he’s been growing like a beanstalk and he has the fundamentals to be a very powerful surfer. His timing and body positioning is solid. Just has to grow into his body more, work on charging bigger waves, and hopefully add a bit of motivation. He’s a smart kid though. Reads a lot of books and is fluent in Portuguese.



Conner CoffinConner Coffin

Conner Coffin was easily the standout surfer on the trip. I just wish he didn’t burst that ear on the first morning because he missed the two best sessions. Luckily he toughed it out with some silicone gel and still got great photos and video. He was also the most amped to surf which was interesting considering he was the oldest and the veteran traveler.



Jack RobinsonJack Robinson

Can’t say enough good things about Jack Robinson. I know it’s premature to make claims about a 12-year-old eventually becoming the best in the world, but watch this preteen surf one time and you’d be hard pressed not to jump on the bandwagon. It’s surreal seeing such a little person riding through spitting barrels and busting out full rotation airs. He’s a great kid too.



GromsHalloween Come Early

We had a lay day in Padang before hopping on the boat so we went into town and got the kids some funny outfits to surf in. Ian was the only one who wasn’t feeling it and he trashed his outfit. Then tried to claim to us he lost it. Fortunately, we had a backup that looked even more ridiculous. It was hilarious to watch this session.

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  • Jackson

    mediocre shot of average B-list pro surfers. Step it up fellas.

  • McMullin

    I agree with Jackass, why don’t you put your best “a-roll” shots on-line before you have time to publish them in the mag after you spent all of that time, energy, and money putting together a trip to Indo?? Makes perfect sense, after all…

  • moons

    b-list? step down kook

  • Imaikalani

    Nothing like seeing teenagers mock the way muslim women dress in their country. You people are seriously clueless. Thank you for perpetuating stereotypes and ignorance.

  • bento cuervo

    You bunch of haters…geez…nice pics of gnarly up- and -comers.

  • dgb

    The world would be such a better place if muslims would learn to take a joke – some simple light hearted humor.

  • sun1

    @bento cuervo- totally agree! keep your misery to yourselves people. @moon- funny! To all the young’uns- keep ridin’!! love it!

  • wang

    Wow. More than choosing better trips Surfing needs to target a smarter demographic.

    Since when do muslim women wear yellow and black polka dot burkhas?

    B list? These kids aren’t even pros. They just happen to be some of the top under 18 surfers from around the world.

    I give props to the surfing guys for assembling this one. And I think most of the content on the website sucks, so there you go.

  • Dixee Normus

    @ Imaikalani –

    perpetuating stereotypes and ignorance??

    Ever been to any Muslim country and seen the hideous table cloths women are forced to wear? It’s really sad.

    So thank you Ian Gentil for showing us how absurd this custom is!

  • jd

    @wang: your summary is succinct. these pics show joy and i do not see anything even close to a burkha (though what is the harm even if there was? they are not sacred articles.) i was never the contingent Surfing or Surfer was aiming at but i do surf and do enjoy looking at great waves and the journal only comes out 4 times a year. thanks for redeeming this dialogue.

  • ray

    it is sad how editors pick and choose their liberalism… its ok to save the environment, but trashing other cultures is just fine.

  • Tom K.

    To the seriously uptight folks: I seriously don’t think making fun of Muslim culture was their aim. Probably just that a 13 yr old boy looks pretty goofy & Cornholio-like wearing a Burka. Besides, they bought it in a store, so I’d say it’s fair game for anyone to purchase, imho. On another angle, is the Burka a symbol of faith, or is it a symbol of uber-conservative male dominated society keeping women as 2nd class citizens. Let us ask ourselves….