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“I’m not really a photographer. Just a writer with a camera. I’m lucky to travel with the world’s best surf photographers, and they’ve all been extremely generous about helping me learn and letting me poach.

These shots were all taken while traveling with Taylor Steele on the Castles in the Sky project. We go such amazing places with such incredible surfers, you could probably trip and fall into some good shots. Here’s a few of my luckier photo stumbles.” —Nathan Myers

Iceland Lineup
Iceland // Lineup

Three friends from Ventura share a virgin wave in Iceland. Dane Reynolds, Timmy Curran and Dan Malloy.



Dave Rastovich
Rasta // Market

Rasta shows up for three weeks in India with two loose boards and a tiny school-size backpack. The backpack holds little more than a toy ukulele and a nature novel. His Castles sessions in India are some of the most beautiful surfing I’ve ever seen. Pure self-expression. Pure Rasta.



Taylor Steele
Taylor Steele // India

Taylor Steele late-drop to a long barrel in remote India. Rasta was the only surfer at this spot with us, so when he wasn’t surfing, we were out there. We thought India was gonna be mostly a cultural trip, and we ended up having one of the best surf trips ever.



Marlon Gerber
Marlon Gerber // Sahara

The raddest place I never want to go again. Moroccan customs confiscated most of our gear, so Sahara never made the final cut of the movie, but I love the little bonus feature anyway.



Dane Reynolds
Dane Reynolds // Iceland, Snow Mountain

Dane Reynolds, chucking spray into the Arctic Circle. We pulled up to this spot and Dan Malloy was like, “Are we out there?” Just then Dane goes trotting past, already suited up in his 6-mil wetsuit. Teeth-chattering stoke.

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  • jeannemarie

    amazing and wonderful images. what a fabulous experience to travel for the filming!

  • Saul Garcia

    Awesome places…
    Great pics Nathan!!!!

  • Mik

    Nathan: sweet image of Rasta. where in India? i can keep a secret. have lived in India, and going back soon.

  • says

    Makem show his airdrop at the mile first…

  • Mikelis

    i’m going to start to cry from how i want to be out there in the waves..

  • Mike Okenbalz

    Nice pics

  • Otto

    nice country

  • Fabian

    why does the rasta photo hav a filename rasta_huntington? is tht really huntington pier he’s surfing?

  • Joey

    Wow. I had no Idea India of all places would be that unbelievable. Been there, but didnt surf. Wish I did.

  • Herbert Pearson

    This is directed to Mr.Myers it is apparent that you need to be enlightened regarding your racist comments in the March issue of the Australian surfing magazine about the surfer with aboriginal heritage, before there were surfers of caucasian descent there was surfers of african descent surfing in the pacific islands the sport of surfing waves in the islands was invented by native islanders which included people of african descent caucasians have just taken up the sport when they settled into these islands the same with bungy jumping again this was invented in the south pacific islands, caucasians have taken this and made it into a thrill maybe you Mr. Myers have just come out of your cave.