Five Photos by Tom Carey, Vol. 3

posted by / Photos / October 28, 2010

Words and photos by Tom Carey

Rusty Long // Mavericks
Rusty Long // Mavericks

This is Rusty Long I think, at Mavs. It’s cool there’s a contest there again. The locals seem stoked. They deserve it.



Timmy Curran // Nicaragua
Timmy Curran // Nicaragua

Tim Curran here in Nicaragua. Tim is the man. I think after this wave, his leash got pulled half way through his board, his shirt ripped in half and Tim was baffled. It wasn’t a big wave but thick. I hate captions.



JD Irons // Pipeline, Hawaii
JD Irons // Pipeline, Hawaii

Here’s JD Irons at Pipe during the Volcom comp. It was fucking huge that morning and they finally decided to hold it. It finally backed down a bit and came alive.



Mike Morissey // France
Joan Duru // France

Joan Duru in France this past month. This guy rips. So underground and a super nice guy.



Joan Duru // France
Mike Morrissey // France

Mike Morrissey, the surf world’s last punk rock surfer. He’s one of my favorite guys to travel with. I thought he was never gonna leave France last week.
month. We had too much fun. Wi Wi.

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  • Michele

    Thanks these pictures are awesome, they make me feel as if I’ve taken a short trip to Heaven.

  • mike gaudioso da king of jerzey

    jerzey rulez

  • J H

    O’doyle rules!

  • Pete

    f-bomb captions aside (just shows your lack of intelligence) these are sweet pics. Just clean up the potty mouth. OC rulez!

  • Jesse E.

    You should watch Jeopardy with Tommy and then rate his intelligence. Just sayin