Five Photos by William Sharp

posted by / Photos / September 30, 2010

Longtime SURFING family member William Sharp shoots Dane more than anyone else. He agreed to share a few of his images with us here.

Dane ReynoldsNorth Side, Ventura Pier

Airing out on the north side of Ventura Pier, as seen from the parking structure. One of those neat offshore afternoons that has Cali written all over it.



Dane ReynoldsSouth Side, Ventura Pier

Dane was employing the rope technique this day, as the current was pretty strong. Dane would let go of the rope, drift down to the peak and snag lefts like this one. Sinking his rail for forward momentum.



Dane Reynolds Secret Sandbar

Every place on the coast was blown out this day. Dane takes us to one of his nook-and-cranny sandbars near Calleguas Creek, and he ends up surfing some of the best tubes of the winter. Rifling his way through some Kirra-looking barrels Cali-style.



Dane ReynoldsEmma Wood



Dane ReynoldsRight at Home

As we saw at the Lowers World Tour contest recently, Dane has a flair for the dramatic. Where did that come from? Surfing with his friends and pulling moves like this, at his home break.

—Words and photos by William Sharp

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  • k. powers

    That’s it ?

  • S F

    thanks for guiding more masses to stink up the lineups in vta idiots

  • J.Justice

    Dane should just say “F” the competition and start his own label. The ASP is lucky to have him. Most on the tour are boring, no style or flair! Slaters got 10 and Danes getting 10s everydasy! SHIT folks….surfing needs some more Danes!

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  • Allen Cottle

    Is this Bill Sharp who went to Harbor Day School with my son Brad? If so, please e-mail me.