Happy Ending: Dane Cares

posted by / Happy Ending, Photos / January 24, 2014

Unknown Dane Reynolds cares. Photo: Jimmicane

It’s been a while since Southern California last looked like this. Too long, probably. The start of the winter featured week after week after pathetic week of below-average waves, with an overhyped mirage of a swell always sitting so distantly on the horizon. It was purely brutal. Like Chinese water torture, too much exposure to waist high surf can drive even the most stable mind insane. Then the streak was snapped. The curse was lifted.

Finally, a swell had enough sass to make it to the SoCal shore. Everybody south of Point Conception rejoiced, and everyone south of Point Conception went surfing. Everybody. Everywhere. Hoards and throngs and mobs of people occupied the finally worthwhile lineup. It. Was. Crowded. But that’s no reason to fret.

A very wise person once said, “Sharing is caring.” Odds are, that person wasn’t a scholar or a philosopher. She was probably a preschool teacher — but boy was she a sweetheart. Spot on, too. Sharing is the most genuine way to show affection to those around us, which leads us to this photo of Dane Reynolds at Rincon. Are you looking at it? Can you see what’s going on?

Let’s all quit playing that tired, “Dane doesn’t care!” card. Sharing is caring and guess what? Dane Reynolds fucking cares. —Brendan Buckley

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  • Michael

    Cool! Stoked!

  • anyone


  • marcus

    ya he fucking cares, hes pissed off! i remember him saying “dudes will walk up to me on the beach before i paddle out and be like “Dane, youre the man” and then I paddled out and they burn me, i dont get it like I dont go to your job and make your life difficult, why are you doing this”

    sweet writing bro!!

  • Brah

    Rincon is a joke these days. You local guys need to start laying down the law, seriously the place is out of control. It’s sad to see such a good wave get ruined by a million people who have no respect.

  • Buck McPherson

    Super cute article…I really learned a lot!

  • yup

    What a complete waste of time reading this “article” was. Are we supposed to be OK with trolls on logs snaking us? As long as it serves the purpose of fleecing the pockets of SurfingMag? Just because the proliferation of surfing into the mainstream serves the kooks who work at surf mags doesn’t mean it serves the rest of us. Another total piece of shit excuse for literature appealing ONLY to the LOWEST common denominator and most KOOK ASS type of surfer around.