Kelly Slater Wins The Hurley Lowers Pro 2012

posted by / Photos / September 20, 2012

Photos: Sherm

Kelly is the master of controlling his emotions, until he wins.

Kelly is the master of controlling his emotions, until he wins.











Congrats to chair number 50 on the World Tour Kelly.

Congrats to chair number 50 on the World Tour Kelly.


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15 Responses to “Kelly Slater Wins The Hurley Lowers Pro 2012”

  1. sanchez says:

    And now what ? Kelly wins 50 and…?

  2. rodriquez says:

    51, 52, 53…………

  3. Annabelle says:

    An athlete with emotional intelligence. Someone who possibly chooses to let the wave tell him what it’s energy can give….inner calm. Its always amazing to see how he can get the best out of any wave..when he needs to…also amazing to see how he somehow can read the heaving rhythm of the ocean from underneath itself…he drops pearls everywhere for us to skid a dancing carpet and on a bigger scale shows how when the ego lets go the human body becomes an infinite expanding vessel. Its magic watching his brave creative joy.

  4. Kaipo Gomes says:

    This is what “Sherman” gets when he has all access?! Crap. What’s with the weird off color in the shots? Shot #4 he is too close for his flash to fill everything. Look at Kelly’s hand for that answer. I realize Sherm is a huge surf star groupie but put someone there that can come back with better shots. He is more worried about whether Kelly will high five him after the heat. Not impressed.

  5. yep says:

    All you idiots with go-pros need to just go away.

  6. Sherm says:

    Thanks for the input Kaipo…i’ll try harder for ya next time!.love your “work”.

  7. Pierre Sattin says:

    Love those pics, great feeling

  8. Drew says:

    Sherm – Love your work. Past & present. Don’t listen to Kaipo.
    You’re a living legend. See you around Encinitas!

  9. Corey says:

    Great Work Sherm!

  10. Aloha says:

    Kaipo Gomes: You sound like the same guy that murdered that guy at the Kaneohe Sandbar last year and was acquited yah? I rest my case fking insecure, jealous, dysfunctional kook. Go beat your boys off. Aloha.

  11. poop in your pants says:

    Is this article about you Kaipo?

    Also I love how the writers and photogs for this mag always feel the need to comment and their articles to reassure their egos. Let your work speak for itself.

  12. Kaipo Gomes says:

    Aloha means love, hello, goodbye, warmth, kindness and nothing like what “Aloha” is putting out there. Why such anger and hate Aloha? It’s pretty funny that when someone calls it like it really is how people can’t handle the truth. What’s sad is that photos like this are what is called “great”. Really? Sherm himself knows they are not great. They are average at best. Why did Kelly himself grab Todd Glaser’s camera to shoot himself and not Sherms? Absolutely amazing that guys like Hornbaker and Brewer can’t get paid a dime and someone that doesn’t even shoot action gets paid to shoot shit like this. Where’s the action? None. Just hanging out by Kelly and shooting his every move in the competitors area. Hardly great when what he did was win his 50th World Tour contest which took place in the water. On waves. Not on scaffolding.

  13. Sherm says:

    Dear “Aloha”,
    I have shot so much much action in my life it ‘s not funny…”aloha means love.”.? your a very angry person..what’s wrong? I’m just doing ,whqt I do, If you don’t relate,what ever..I’m not a groupie…i’m a pro surfing fan.K grabbed my good friend Todd’s camera cause it wqs in front of him. Were both close friends of K. Sorry if this makes you mad.I’m a just photo journalist(who shoots action when i have too.) Sherm(over and way out) P.S. if you ever see me,Please put away the blogger veil,and introduce yourself.Love to talk in you person.(Hawaii?)

  14. Sliding Sense says:


  15. jon says:

    Surfing is probably one of the best sports in the world. Love the way i feel when i catch a wave. Keep shredding slater!

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