Kolohe Andino Doesn’t Win the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro

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Just your typical 17 year old surf stoked kid's room... Kinda.

Just your typical 17 year old surf stoked kid's room... Kinda.

5:30am daily start for Kolohe

5:30am daily start for Kolohe

The state park doesn't open until 6:00am for future reference.

The state park doesn't open until 6:00am for future reference.

The morning of the (quarter) final.

The morning of the (quarter) final.

Early am warmup sesh.

Early am warmup sesh.

"You're really gonna follow me around all day?"

"You're really gonna follow me around all day?"

Brother has a very specific routine before heats which includes jumping some rope.

Brother has a very specific routine before heats which includes jumping some rope.

Tanner getting hydrated and psyched at the same time.

Tanner getting hydrated and psyched at the same time.

Occasionally a decent wave would come through but they were few and far in between.

Occasionally a decent wave would come through but they were few and far in between.

Pre-quarter final heat. Kolohe vs Jesse Mendes.

Pre-quarter final heat. Kolohe vs Jesse Mendes.

"Yep there's nothing coming."

"Yep there's nothing coming."

I was feeling the same way right after this heat.

I was feeling the same way right after this heat.

Thiago Camarao got our April Issue cover and Saturday finished with his best contest result ever.

Thiago Camarao got our April Issue cover and Saturday finished with his best contest result ever.

Keanu Asing quietly ripping his way to the Pro Jr win.

Keanu Asing quietly ripping his way to the Pro Jr win.

Andrew Bynum takes cheap shots when he loses. These kids just hang out and have a good time.

Andrew Bynum takes cheap shots when he loses. These kids just hang out and have a good time.

Keanu on the carry up.

Keanu on the carry up.

Dane Gudauskas with some last minute advice for his bro.

Dane Gudauskas with some last minute advice for his bro.

The Miguel Pupo camp.

The Miguel Pupo camp.

The Tanner Gudauskas camp.

The Tanner Gudauskas camp.

The Brazilian camp + Kolohe.

The Brazilian camp + Kolohe.

A very American shower. Budweiser.

A very American shower. Budweiser.

Didn't win but they sure gave it hell.

Didn't win but they sure gave it hell.

BBQ at the Gudang's.

BBQ at the Gudang's.

I tweeted that we were gonna go #BACON this night. That was a fact.

I tweeted that we were gonna go #BACON this night. That was a fact.

Slater parties? Hmm. Might have to get him back in on Passion Picks for Brazil.

Slater parties? Hmm. Might have to get him back in on Passion Picks for Brazil.

After spending a week in the office listening to sometimes compelling commentary and watching replays of the inconsistent sets that came through at this year’s Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro, I decided to spend my Saturday actually hanging out at the event. With the excess of photos taken during these things, it gets old being a photographer running around taking the same exact same images as about a hundred other people. So I went with the decision of following around my friend and local superstar Brother Andino, for the day as opposed to focusing on the event as a whole.

After all, Kolohe had arguably been the most in form surfer of the comp to that point and had a legitimate shot at winning both the Prime and Pro Junior, similar but on a bigger scale to what he recently accomplished at Huntington. Things didn’t really go as planned though. Brother got knocked out in a wave-starved, raging-south-wind-fest quarter final against Jesse Mendes and did only enough for 3rd place in the Jr final. A decent, but disappointing result for a prodigy at his local break.

That’s when I switched focus to Tanner Gudauskas’ camp which backfired on me again as he narrowly lost to Miguel Pupo in the mens final.

I couldn’t help but laugh at my fortune as I scrolled through my pathetic storyboard of photos that completely neglect the talented field of Brazilians who dominated. It is what it is though. Not an epic event, but a bad event at Lowers beats a good one at most other places.

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55 Responses to “Kolohe Andino Doesn’t Win the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro”

  1. bun dipper says:

    No, and lets be honest: he didn’t come close.
    Americans looked forced and stiff.

  2. Luiz says:

    It’s funny how surfing journalism in America is so biased, and they don’t even hide it, or try to be impartial, which is, I guess, what you learn in college when you decide you wanna be a journalist. I read an article a few days ago about an European surfer here in this website, and the author simply killed the guy – who ripped by the way – with a very bad and biased piece of journalism. “Pretty good for an European”… Seriously? Just the title of this article here: “Kolohe Andino Doesn’t Win the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro” what a shame.. Alright, I get, he’s the local boy, he rips, he probs have a lot of friends at surfing mag.. but the poor dude who actually won the contest, one of the most important QS events in the year, if not the most, barely got his name mentioned in the article.. Surfing mag is getting more disappointing every year.. Bought the “is there anyone listening?” issue and was surprised to read more about what surfers do out of the water then in… looks like a gossip surfing mag… good luck in the future, ‘cuz the present isn’t helping much..

  3. Ben Davidson says:

    Mag guys are the only ones believin their own Orange Curtain hype, but the results don’t lie. Brother is overhyped. But what has he really done outside the NSSA?

  4. Scott Hendrix says:

    For all the hype, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Kolohe Andino surf. If he’s so hot, why doesn’t he win Innersection or something? I’m starting to disbelieve the hype.

  5. Hey Luiz says:

    @Luiz obviously has no sense of humor. btw the photos and videos do enough explaining about what happens ‘in the water’…paleeeze don’t start trying to word-recount waves for us. you’re doing fine, guys. i got that “pretty good for a european” was meant ironically…because euros certainly are underappreciated. just let chaz and nm keep doing their thang. theyre killing it. this is the only original content on this whole regurgitated surf-net.

  6. Steveness says:

    Despyte the rah rah “adolescents” cheerleading of mr. fairy, american groms continue to suck.

  7. benj says:

    it’s cool guys, we don’t expect you to learn portuguese. carry on.

  8. esdee says:

    He didn’t come close?? Are you kidding? How was Brother’s heat against Dusty? Some of the best contest surfing I’ve seen. Stale-O’s in a heat?? Forced and stiff, he was not.

  9. SlaterisAmerican says:

    Kolohe could have easily won Men’s and Junior’s if he had a bit more fortune. All of the guys rip. Let’s see the Brazilian’s prove it in some real surf. Good job Jimmi. I’ll start caring about what the Brazilians can do when they prove it in the long run and prove it in some real surf, not a chest high skate park.

  10. Rowz says:

    Miguel Pupo blew up in that entire event, as did so many of the Brazilians! I’m American, and I’m proud to say that I have so much respect for the Brazilians and their work ethic. As for Miguel, he’s humble, he’s a hard worker, he’s appreciative, and he RIPS! Let’s talk about him!

  11. Rowz says:

    As for the picture shown for the “Miguel Pupo Camp”…are you kidding me?….did you not see the entire Brazilian camp on the scaffolding cheering him?….where’s that picture?

  12. Wes says:

    I am devoted to Surfer and Surfing mags , but seriously leave the kid alone. Give the hype to the winner. I watched as Nat Young exited the water without a single person acknowledging him. He had to walk past the parade of people lifting the winner up for everyone to see. I should have shook Nat’s hand because he rips. Contests mean nothing. They are all just kids. Let them surf. Your going to ruin there images of themselves if you point out their shortcomings.

  13. Albee says:


  14. tity says:

    if you think american mags are biased try reading an aussie mag, and lets be honest no one give a shit about brazzos exept brazzos, so just go away… forever.

  15. cbah says:

    1. surfing mag is hardly a journal, and yes, its biased.
    2. kolohe was ripping the whole event and could have won both divisions, as he did in huntington a couple months back (so, his results do go beyond nssa b dave). he’s not overhyped, he rips. plus, he’s 17, what do you expect a world title already?
    3. brazilians were ripping the whole event, hands down, crazy airs and gouges left and right. lets see them in “real surf” doesn’t apply anymore. shrimpy dude caught arguably the wave of the winter at pipe, d couto won wave of the year paddling in at jaws, carlos burle charges, bruno santos knows the barrel as well as anyone, etc. i admit i don’t like them always showing up in packs of 15 and more often than not they are a bit too “passionate” out in the lineup…

  16. Madden says:

    I can’t believe K-Lo was beaten by Jesse Mendez. Pee-Eww! That kid sucks!

  17. thiago says:

    did anyone see shot number 12 – kalohe looking down after his heat loss, and a brazzo in the background laughing at him!
    jesse mendes sucks? oh sure, kalohe rips muuuuch harder, after all, he should have won right? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight….

  18. jon crotch says:

    Tanner G is the most over-hyped : no repertoire on his backhand, just backside hits…I was wondering when the 1990′s demonstration he was doing would end. The judges pushed him along during the contest. He’s all hype.

  19. tiny says:

    Amateur style documentry

  20. tealergang says:

    the majority of comments on this sites entries are shit. people act surprised that an individual’s article is biased, even when it shows in every single article they’ve made – its call an identity. republicans watch fox news, so people who support this read surfing vs. transworld or other blogs/writes. jimmicane wrote this, not ever word was voted on by the surfing staff

  21. DoesntLikeBrazzos says:

    Brazzos have a lot to learn in professional surfing. While their skills are on point, their attitudes/style/approach needs to change. Excessive claims after every single air reverse looks absolutely terrible. You know you’re still on the wave during those obnoxious claims, save it for underwater celebrations. Next, brazzos need to understand that doing 15 air reverses per heat just isnt good style. I would love to see people mix it up (Kolohe nailing a stalefish). American surfers have more innovation due to more inspiration and opportunity. So to the Brazilians I say…. get fucked

  22. STUSSISTER says:

    Hey look everyone,
    The title should of been TANNER G doesn’t win but should of,
    K-LO is overhyped product of redbull, nike, and target.
    He is good for his age but in all honestly he is not going to be on the CT anytime, or even come close to it.
    Lowers is his home break that he knows like the back of his band, but put him in France, nonetheless pipe or Tahiti, lets see how he fares!

  23. Roy says:

    Andino Total Scores:
    Round 1: 13.57
    Round 2: 14.53
    Round 3: 17.50 (against Dusty)
    QF: 8.33

    Low scores if you compare with other surfers

    One more time “lets be honest: he didn’t come close.”

  24. stu says:

    in some ways, I feel sorry for Kolohe. He’s got handlers up the wazzu, and expectations have been off the charts since he was a pre-teen. He does well against a weak American crew, but can’t pull it of (thus far) versus international competition. And, it’s clear that the jr guys on tour don’t like him as evidenced by the Freestone drop-in at the end of the jr final and his awkward presence with the rest of the finalists thereafter. The young brazos are just as good as he is (and most surf better in large surf – see Ibelli’s cover by Jimmicane a few months back which was SICK), and have gotten there without 10 coaches, target, nike and a pro-surf dad. Kolohe will do just fine on the CT, but if you’re expecting the next Slater, you’re going to be disappointed.

  25. Ray says:

    Watch the contest before you make uninformed comments. Wave starved QF, he was unlucky, no more complicated than that.
    @Stussister: Hahaha you are funny. No way you are serious. The kid is top 3 in world at his age with all of the tools to be successful. Your comment can’t be serious.
    Brazilians are annoying with their pack mentality, that can’t be argued if you have traveled much you would know it wasn’t just this contest. But they surf beach breaks really good. You can’t jump to conclusions when their body of work is so short lived. Earn it in time

  26. Dudester says:

    Of all the Brazilians, I dig the way Heitor Alves surfs the most. Underrated as far as I’m concerned. Jadson Andre, on the other hand, looks like a chimpanzee on meth when he pumps down the line.

  27. jon crotch says:

    horrible announcing… a kolohe and tanner lovefest/circle jerk
    shea seemed to just go and on, and on about them like they could do something
    all the moaning, you would think that babies will pop out of sal’s belly in 9 months time.

  28. stu says:

    top 3 based on what? He’s never finaled at a pro jr or ISA and he got spanked by the aussies and brazos in Indo last year. In fact, he got spanked by Sally on the Red Bull trip when it got sizeable. Talk about proving it – I’ve seen the videos and pics of the young brazos in heavy surf but I’ve seen nothing of K-Lo other than 2 foot T Street and shoulder high trestles. When he takes off on a single wave the size of Ibelli’s cover shot, just a single wave, we can talk again.

  29. jon jon says:

    tanner’s heat against jesse mendes was ridiculous! on the webcast you could see that two judges were clearly robbing for the americans!!! anyone who was surfing in that contest (from the round of 96) could do three good turns/snaps on a wave like tanner was doing!!! but few can do two big airs in a wave like jesse was doing, and that is why the brazilians went so far, for getting rewarded for above the lip surfing! its sad to think they can rob so much to see an american win, i would have gotten so pissed if they gave that final heat to tanner just for being the local boy. i hope the judges give better scores to the brazilians in the wct this week. just because they are locals…

  30. jon jon says:

    well said, stu!

  31. Heater says:

    Sorry, jon jon, I was on the beach watching the tanner v. jesse mendes heat. Jesse did not do 2 “big” airs. They were weak little airs on weak little waves. The scores were appropriate in that heat just like they were appropriate in the finals, which Miguel clearly won. Sorry, doing little airs & tail blows is not “harder” than doing vertical, powerful turns. They are just newer moves that get peoples’ attention for now.

  32. the truth says:

    i think all the anonymous people do not mean to make certain personal attacks, its just that the surf media needs to balance out coverage and this is not necessarily kolohe’s fault.

    any one of us would love to have the attention of the surf world, but with that comes greater expectations.

    remember Nick Wood…

  33. Fire says:

    Well said Heater. Seems like guys on here are overhyping the Brazilians and making them more than they are. They claim 5′s and act like cheerleaders. Give it a rest. One day your claims will work against you god willing. It’s an easy excuse to say the judges were trying to give it to the local kids. But be real, they are professional judges. How many world titles do Brazilian surfers have? Shea Lopez needs to stay off the speed when he is commentating. It was so much more fun to listen to Gerlach who actually has something to say worth listening.

  34. Yewww says:

    These fin flicking airs are cute to watch, but real men lay it on rail and do vertical man hacks. WCT isn’t a aerial tour. Love to see these Brazo kids get their teeth sharpened at ‘Chopes

  35. Roy says:

    @Yeww: Brazil kid Bruno Santos won at Chopes.

    @Fire: Brazos claim so much because it is part of their culture. They are latin. We have to respect that.

  36. thiago says:

    i was on the beach too and think that jesse won! if you see the scores of the final day, two judges were pushing tanner and kolohe. two of them actually gave tanner the score he needed against miguel pupo. sorry but I can do vertical turns and the average surfer can do vertical turns. can they do “little” airs? i think not. so what is harder? that is why jesse should have won. and “yewww”, bruno santos won teahupoo after going through the whole trials in pumping surf. and then he won in little surf. so what are you saying buddy?

  37. thiago says:

    last californian world champion….tom curren?
    been a long time bru

  38. Roland Roderjan says:

    You guys are so gringos. If you go to central america, you have just one name: gringos estupidos.

  39. Heater says:

    Well Thiago, I guess we’ll agree to disagree (Ron Burgandy style). As far as average surfers doing “little airs” is concerned, yes, at my local break half the kids out are throwing & landing air reverses these days. And vertical turns? Let’s just say that as far as the average surfer (myself included) goes, they may think that their turns are vertical etc. but the reality is that their turns are no where near as critical, vertical or powerful as what goes down at these contests.

  40. @roland says:

    your comment is so funny, so funny i forgot to laugh. hahahahaa

  41. Jay says:

    all I got to say is america, fuck yeah. Thats why. Do expect an american surf magazine or any of sport for that matter to not be biased? The same for other countries that can afford a real media. Kolohe did rip and to say that he will never be on the ct, well then your a dumbass….he is still a kid. And yes, that one turn was mental in the quarterfinal of the pro jr.

  42. the truth says:

    Heater, you are saying a vertical turn is more difficult than an air?
    How good are you at surfing?
    Your comment shows major ignorance.

  43. Mik says:

    Conclusion: Jimmicaine, as I have noted before, has a retrogressive east coast/southern mentality, or lack thereof. How can you not cover the excitement of the best group of young surfers to ever rock a WQS event? What matters is performance, not race or culture. I mean that’s Californication 101, you loser. If you want to seem relevant out here, you better catch up, Jimmylaime. And as for being bored covering one of the best CA events going? Dude, you need to find a career. Like maybe a fast oil-change franchise in Hatteras?

  44. jon jon says:

    ahaha well said mik

  45. Heater says:

    the truth, speaking of showing major ignorance, anyone who actually surfs knows that it isn’t a “black & white” “air are harder than turns” kind of thing. Depends on the waves, sections, etc…but I’m sure you already know that.

  46. Jay says:

    Mik is a fag, Jimmy is cool. Hate all you want, but the boys still raged as if they won.

  47. Yewww says:

    Jimmi is rad you idiot. Sorry he didn’t fall in line with the other 10,000 cameras lining on the beach. Hate him for trying to work outside the boudaries? Funny

  48. The Bodhi Zaffa says:

    Class in session. Jimmigayne! At it again, the prodigal St. Augustine, FL son who rode Gabe Kling’s coat tails and Jacksonville Jaguar flatbill/jersey to land right next to the golden child.. Brother. I’m gunna have to give ol Pupo/Jadson/Not Adriano cuz I hate em… credit where credit was due..kids jack the dogshit outta them air reverses..its almost like a video game. As long as they dont shotgun claim, double fist shreik, mean mug the beach, do the chicken dance..we’re cool. Brazzos as a whole? Theyre coming along..but my main man “Ihatebrazzos” above does nail it on the head with some of his xenophobia. I aint likin em, but I’ll respect the air reverse game. Thats just funny to watch a grown man get outclassed by a skinny brasilly on waist high warbles, I dont care who ya are.

    Fact is Kolohe is the future American CT dominator. You people forget that hes 17 freaking years old, hes gunna gain another 30 pounds atleast in the next few yearz and will start to mash all in his domain. If you look at him, anyone can see he..he’s in that weird ass lanky body stage and still surfs like A.I. incarnate. Who else from the Jr’s competed and crushed Dpayne, a boss player in his own right? Who? Nobody? Ahh yep. Run with em or run from em.

    I’ll take ya to the edge..and past it – The Bodhi Zaffa

  49. Mik says:

    jon jon: :~)

    Jay: how does blunt and astute criticism make me a homosexual? you must be insecure. get out more… don’t be so afraid of women. partying doesn’t mean jackshit when it comes to being a surf industry professional. any tool knows how to rage.

    Yeww: Jimmy didn’t go outside the box… he did a shitty job covering what was happening as a photo journalist, and utterly ignored the talent explosion from Brazil. the few images he offered up smelled allot like an “my dog ate my homework” excuse. he can do better, and letting go of his narrow-minded vision of the world would be a good place to start. and yeah, i think that Red Staters are generally fucked up. Slater not included, the King is Global, and smarter than us.

  50. Jay says:

    mik, im saying, no one gives a fuck what you think. Your platform is an anonymous comment box. Jimmi’s is a magazine.

  51. Yewww says:

    oh jon jon you just don’t know what you are talking about. Have you ever even taken photojournalism? I have. Just saying. But I’m sure you know what you’re talking about. I’m sure Aussie mags aren’t biased….riiiiiight. Fact: Mags are a business and people care more about Kolohe than Brazilians. General public still has the taste of Neco Padarataz in their mouths and he totally sucks and was one of the reasons for the new format from top 44.

  52. Jorge Jojó says:

    Yewww, tell me please…. Why “people care more about Kolohe than Brazilians”? (mail me direct by my mail, please: rootsland2001@yahoo.com.br). Thanks!

  53. Whaa says:

    I’d much rather read about the brazzos then kolohe. why would i read about another spoiled (though talented, OBVIOUSLY) american teen when the brazillians who blew up here, might actually have gone through real scenarios instead of being a robot for the surf industry. maybe im old school but i’d like an interesting story instead of whats popular for some reason…

  54. bun dipper says:

    he lost.
    brazzos win, next story.

  55. Neko says:

    losers dont win…

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