LightBox: Planet Reef Tour Heads North to Central Jersey

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Dear Mom,

The 2006 Planet Reef Tour has been a blast. Last night we had dinner in Atlantic City with a bunch of local retailers and then followed up with a bit of a pub crawl where Ben Bourgeois made a total ass of himself singing Sweet Home Alabama in the karaoke bar—the tourists totally hated it and us.
Anyway, it was hard getting up this morning and everyone was real slow motivating themselves. Chris Abad went missing in action and we left him behind as we had to get to the next promo at the Chip Miller Memorial in Ocean City, New Jersey. After signing autographs for the kids, there was an impromptu quarter of an NSL Game featuring the Reef team and the local surfers including Matt Keenan..
Mom, you wouldn’t believe the way the crowds acted at the next stop at Ocean Hut Surf Shop in Lavalette. You did such a good job raising me that you would be shocked at the way they wrestled, attacked, and bullied for all the promo that was thrown out. They love Rob Machado there so much they chanted his name. Our next stop is Manasquan and there’s actually a tropical storm moving over us. Tonight we have another party—I miss you. .
Tour notes: Chris Abad missing the bus meant he had to clean himself and get a cab to the next stop. Some more motorboats went down and the bus is starting to smell strange. .
The 2006 Planet Reef Tour.
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