Barrels and airs, barrels and airs. It’s the mantra on which most pro surfers meditate. But if you want to set yourself apart, do as Conner coffin does and carve yourself a niche. Conner at Off the Wall, reminding everyone why it’s now his turn. Photo: Tom Carey


Just. Keep. Spinning. Gone are the days when a half-rotation and tail-first finish impressed your peers. Today, tomorrow and forever may you twist until you touch down. Felipe Toledo turns around and back again. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane


Stay home. Especially if you live on the Eastern Seaboard, which seems to have outshined the West of late. Locally grown Jesse Hines stays put and stands in the biggest East Coast barrel we’ve ever seen. Outer Banks. Photo: Matt Lusk


How do you make the most noise in surfing these days? Say nothing. With Instagram, Twitter and text messages acting as real-time surf reports, it’s the ones who switch to airplane mode that laugh last. Isaac Rodrigues, too busy to boast in Central America. Photo: Matt Clark

west oz

When you’re sitting with the rest of the pack, looking up the reef to those waves that nobody is surfing because they’re not makeable, paddle up there and make those waves. Dean Morrison in Western Australia, humming past impossible. Photo: Jamie Scott

Louder Than The Crowd

Ditch the herd and be heard