November 2011 Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Photos / September 30, 2011

It’s thirteen to be exact. The best from our Formula None Issue (November 2011).

Dress up your desktop like your childhood teddy bear.

Alex Gray. Photo: Domenic MosqueiraAlex Gray. Photo: Domenic Mosqueira


Yadin Nicol. Photo: Tomcareyphoto.comYadin Nicol. Photo:


Timmy Reyes. Photo: Tomcareyphoto.comTimmy Reyes. Photo:


Photo: Sergio Villalba / WEphotoagency.comPhoto: Sergio Villalba /


Mick Fanning. Photo: JimmicaneMick Fanning. Photo: Jimmicane


Lee Wilson. Photo: Hamish HumphreysLee Wilson. Photo: Hamish Humphreys


Evan Geiselman. Photo: JimmicaneEvan Geiselman. Photo: Jimmicane


Damien Fahrenfort. Photo: Tomcareyphoto.comDamien Fahrenfort. Photo:


Dane Gudauskas. Photo: JimmicaneDane Gudauskas. Photo: Jimmicane


Dane Gudauskas. Photo: RussoDiary.comDane Gudauskas. Photo:


Damien Wills. Photo: Raycollinsphoto.comDamien Wills. Photo:


Brett Barely. Photo: Mattluskphotography.comBrett Barely. Photo:

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  • zach

    stunning photos as usual!

  • jon

    that is some beast shots

  • Scooter

    These are some KILLER shots, the one shot by Matt Lusk of Brett Barely is a spectacular picture with H12 S in the background. Those concrete powerlines in the back are just a reminder of how fragile this area actually is. Great picture Matt, and great barrel Brett.

  • tony gilmore

    great to see another florida surfer besides kelly make da cover and wallpaper shot. definitely a killer slash by NSB INLET shredder evan geiselman. spent many of days out with his dad greg, who was definitely one of da top shredders back in da day. shaka brah, great job evan, especially in da triple crown. watchout asp here comes another florida surfer ready to rule da tour!aloha