Sherm Moments: Beach Baby

posted by / Photos / January 20, 2012

Mark Healey. Photo: Sherm



Sherm Moments

This is Mark Healey in December of ‘98 and I was on assignment for Surfer Magazine. I went there and I wanted to do something on all the young Hawaiians and Justin Cote introduced me to Mark. He’s the man he knows everyone. So I meet Mark and we hit it off and he introduced me to all the young Hawaiian kids. I did a series of portraits on all these guys and he was my conduit. He was the guy, and to this day Mark’s a good friend of mine. In Hawaii, he kind of started my thing. This is shot with a medium format. And look how young he is! He is the greatest waterman in the world. Every time I see him I wish I could do him proud by catching a huge wave in front of him ‘cause he’s one of those guys, you know, you’re like, “Yeah he’s my friend, but I wish I could impress him.” Very hard to impress Mark Healey probably, but socially we’re really good friends. I probably impress him socially. I saw him last December and he said, “Sherm you look the same as when I met you in ‘98.”


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  • lugo

    I think I went and stayed with Mark in ’98. He was tiny, buff, super hyper and hilarious. He tried to make us surf Waimea, but I think I just watched instead. He was riding for x-trak and he let me take some pads off his broken boards. I went home and put them in the oven and then on my own boards. Worked pretty good. Also, his cat pissed on my boardbag, which was never the same again. Healey’s a beast. True story.