Sherm Moments: The Contender

posted by / Photos / March 9, 2012

Sherm Moments: Shane Beshen


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Sherm Moments

This is Shane Beschen at Sunset Beach. I believe it’s 2004. He had just had a heat, he had scored a 10 — at Sunset — got a perfect barrel, couldn’t get another wave. That’s him getting knocked out and off the Tour. He came in the parking lot, and that was him — it was just emotional. This is one of my photojournalism moments I’m really proud of. I shot it with a Hasselblad, and it just shows the emotion, I mean for him, this was everything in the world. And this is the ending of it — for Beschen’s era. I mean, he had a great run, you know? He was, f—k, a world title contender, gave Kelly a run, here and there. He’s Neck-beard, man. [laughs] That’s Neck-beard. I’m really proud of that moment. And that looks like his brother — Alien — in the background. Rocky Point tube master [laughs].


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  • Elvis

    This photo does not create that much impact. If you didn’t have the narration nobody would get it.

  • typical garbage heap

    sherm, get over your self.
    i have said it once and i will comment as many times you post these shots. some are ok, but most are window-dressing. while i appreciate your thoughts on each subject; the work is average.

  • unidentified

    yeah I wonder what sherm thinks of instagram, hah just taking him outta the game

  • yep

    Howz the Cali plates brah ?

  • WOW

    Yeah Something to be real proud of – Sherm, I don’t even know you but a what a joke to have surfing put this up and then for you to be proud of it? Understood that ups and downs come with all turf, but you and your groupie black and white proud moments???????? By the way Shane’s ERA didn’t end that day, it was still evolving. Get a grip surfing and Sherm you can go shoot birds in a park and be proud of it.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Is Pete Taras not looking at these C-minus photos before they are posted. This is NOT a great photo. Elvis nails it with his comment as does typical garbage heap. Sherm is a middle-aged man acting like a little kid. He says he is really proud of this shot 2 times as if to make the photo magically improve. If you don’t know who Beschen is he could be the kid sitting with the white hat on. Sherman will not go into the Photogs Hall of Fame because this is the kind of shit he photographs. Is his Ego so big that “ING” has to stoke it with throw away photos like this. Once again Sherman proves that he is a one trick pony paparazzi groupie. We are surfers wanting to see ACTION not something out of Teen Beat.

  • the dude

    i like this stuff, Sherm. I wish you still shot with film – it def goes well with you’re style of work. Ever think about switching back? maybe shoot kelly this year in all film or something weird..

  • tyrone biggins

    this was 2001, not 2004. The abbreviated tour year. Beschen was never on when Slater returned from retirement.

  • WOW

    Tyrone – That shows how much these barns at ING know……….. Wonder what photo they will pump up next??????????????

  • Mexico

    Its 2003 not 04


  • douche

    Poor Shane, another on of ke11y’s destined to be # 2 victims

    I’ll never forget the time i saw Shane scream and drop F bombs on a 5 year old boogy border kid for dropping in at T-street on a 2 foot mush ball, poor kid went in crying. What an A-hole. Karma Stewed # 2. loser

  • WOW