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posted by / Photos / September 22, 2009

The No Tell Motel reveals the first visions of Kai Neville’s ultra-hyped shred manifesto Modern Collective

Kai Neville’s Modern Collective took it’s top off last night. And we were there. It was hot. Just four segments. But enough to make me happy I’m going to the New York Film Festival this weekend to see it again, with two more sections than we saw last night. But last night was good too. We saw Dane in beret country. Dusty and Mitch in Arabian points. Yadin in throaty tubes. Somewhere in baja. Flips. Chucks. A cutback by Dane Reynolds that had Dane Ward in awe. “Did you see that?” he asked. And do you want to see what we’re talking about, well just wait, it’s not far off. The World Premiere of the film is October 29th, and will be distributed on iTunes and then on DVD shortly thereafter.

Now to the movie itself. The film was surprising. Even for those who’ve chronicled it’s every move on the blog, our website and in SURFING magazine. Kai made it feel fresh. The music was not over-electro. It was raw, void of Australian clich. You could hear snaps of the cassette on some songs. Edgy edits and dubbed over voice tracks maintained your attention while the surfers soaked in culture and airport bars and lounges. It’s easy to see that this film is for the youth. “That’s not the same sport I do,” one older guy was overheard saying. “It’s incredible though.”

But it seems not everyone was happy. Dino Andino wasn’t satisfied, “What about showing these guys’ styles?” he mused out loud, pondering the snappy edits of clips. While his son, Kolohe Andino stood mesmerized and doe-eyed afterwards and said, “That was sick.”

We agree. It’s got style. Se magnifique!

We’ll leave you with a few photos from the night and the promise of an update from Kai Neville’s editing dungeon tomorrow as he puts the final touches on his game-changing surf flick.

It takes something more to be a daytime DJ. Paul Fisher and Leigh Sedley have that and more.

The make your own tee-shirt room was booming with people waiting 20 minutes to make a shirt.

Mike Losness and his lady showed up to make an assessment on the modern free-surfer.

Groms. Bros. Dudes. And Girls. Everyone turned out for music, food from Hapa Js and a sneak peek at the movie.

Things really took off when the hula-hoop girls from invaded the dance floor. Needless to say: Paul Fisher was a fan.

Lets dance. Ian Crane, Luke Davis, Nick Rosza, Sedley and Fisher.

Blondes, brunettes and beards.

Star of the film, Dion Agius, caught making a custom tee shirt.

Kolohe cut Dusty Payne out of this image and showed his creative ingenuity. The new Dane? Well see. His assessment of the film: So f----king sick.

Kolohe again, thinking about going into the tee shirt business.

As dusk fell and free beer went down, bodies began to move.

The hula-hoop girls really did take things at the No Tell Motel to the next level.

As dark fell, anticipation rose for the first scenes of the film.

Dion Agius alley-oops in the French section are already a stand out.

Jordy Smith and Dion Agius: two parts of the Collective.

Dion said Kai sent some of the slow parts for the screening. If thats true, whats to come will change the way you see surfing finally.

Taylor Steele (top left in white shirt) assessing the job done by his protégé. His comment, Kais gnarly, he said after. I love what he did with the edit. Its right on. Cant ask for much more than that.

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