Tom Carey’s Tahiti

Tom Carey — you gotta love him — the SURFING staff photog does whatever he damn well pleases. He’ll blare metal into the wee hours of the night. He’ll shoot fireworks at ill-mannered South African men. He’ll have a beer at breakfast. And he’ll go to Tahiti without telling anyone. “Sorry man,” he said when he got back. “Just wanted to keep it mellow so we didn’t feed the hype.” I sighed, and I forgave. It’s easy to forgive when you’re staring at big, glassy Teahupo’o .jpegs in your inbox. Plus, you just can’t stay mad at Tommy.

The photos that follow are hors d’oeuvres. Eat up. Enjoy. But save room for the main course — a full flipbook combining the work of Domenique Mosqueira from the Billabong Pro and the rest of Tom’s goods from this past swell.