Corey Wilson needs no introduction to us, and probably you as well. His always beaming smile makes up 1/3 of our big 3 Senior Photographers posse. His images appear everywhere within our brand. From covers to spreads, to the tiny thumbnail photos in Outtakes. Occasionally we run a really drunk photo of him just for shits. When it comes to Corey and his art, people use a lot of technics and trains of thought to mold ones style. One saying, as cliché as it can be, is “be the very best at one thing”. For the most part, this is true. Be the very fucking best at something. Anything. Just don’t get lost in the crowd. With surf photography, and how many people here are doing this shit, and for pennies, it's very important to have a niche and stand out from the sheep. But Corey isn’t necessarily a niche photographer, because Corey is literally good at everything.

So when we get the quarterly hard drive from Corey that is full of our last 6 months of imagery that by now, have been beaten to death across every print and social platform available to us, its fun go through the photos that never seemed to have made it over some international cable connection or by text. We’re pretty sure these haven’t seen the light of day. We could be wrong, but either way its an eclectic batch of outtakes from Corey’s hard drive and make up this month's Corey Stories.

All photos by Corey Wilson

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