Modern Collective gave us a November 16th US release date — so where the hell is it?

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Kai Neville ANSWERS for his US Tour hangover

By Nathan Myers

SURFING Magazine: How’d the premier tour go?

KAI NEVILLE: Sick. But I’m stoked to be home. Last few weeks have been wild.

What was the a highlight of US premier tour.

Our last premier at the Encinitas La Paloma was super fun. The vibe in the theater was really good. Lot of groms and hollering. Just a psyched atmosphere and a cool after party at The Saloon. Pretty wild. A good vibe from people who enjoyed the movie. San Francisco was a cool city to check out, too. We saw a Bravery concert and checked out some interesting bars. Not too many groms, though. I talked to a local and he was like, “Yeah, that’s the groms right there. All of ‘em.”

Any meltdowns on the road?

No one threw bottles at us saying it was shit. But we’d go out on the town with Mitch, Dion and Jordy and some mates from home — kind of an entourage — and so we’d have some guys getting lost and not turning up ’til the next day. Standard stuff. Just the partying that goes along with a tour. It’s like a little band going from one concert to the next.

Full rock-n-roll lifestyle.

We were on the most unhealthy program ever. Wake up at lunch, have breakfast, start drinking, go to a premier, an afterparty, whatever else, then to a Denny’s dinner at 4 in the morning. Pass out. It was like that for a week and a half. By the end I was like, “Get me outta here.”

How was the feedback on the film?

It’s hard to get good feedback at a premier. No one’s gonna say stuff to your face. But I saw an interview with Luke Davis where they asked, “Are you excited to see the premier?” and he was like, “Oh, I’ve already seen it and I’m coming to see it again.” Stuff like that I was pretty pumped on.

Any pressure for the next one?

I don’t really know what I’m doing next. To get a group of guy like that together again, it would pretty difficult. I think I’m going to work on some personal projects next year, and maybe 2011 focus on something that’s gonna raise the bar again. But if you want to do a bigger project, you’re going to need a bigger budget. So if I can dial in a decent budget and get a good crew, we’ll do it again.

Is the Modern Collective concept going to stay alive?

It would be a shame to stop at just the movie. We’re gonna do some fun trips, keep the blog alive, bang out a few shirts and do something that keeps the surfers involved…see what it grows into.

Was there a lot of leftover footage, like Stranger Than Fiction had?

I was surprised how well Days of Strange did after Stranger Than Fiction. That was pretty rushed and banged out, but a lot of people really enjoyed it. There definitely could be something like that off the back of Modern Collective, but you need some money for music and all that. A happy medium is just to do it online and let people get it direct from the site.

How about bonus features on the DVD?

There are a couple of cool extras: an extended Indo section from Jordy; a section of Craig Anderson just so people can see more of what he’s about; and then all our sponsors put together their own 5-minutes videos which are pretty exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere but the DVD: an O’Niell section for Timmy Reyes and a Super Surfboards boat trip. I wanted to do even more but deadlines were just getting out of hand.

Yeah, speaking of deadlines — wasn’t the movie supposed to be out in stores already?

It’s been held up, but I’d say it should be out next week sometime. iTunes should drop today (November 17th) or tomorrow, and the DVD is just a week or so behind. That’s pretty standard in the DVD production realm — always something that holds it back.

How many other deadlines have you pushed back on this film?

Pretty much every one. People make these dates, but I can only do what I can do. I could do it now, but it wouldn’t really be done.

Screw the deadlines.

I’m over ‘em. But at the same time, I could just keep working on the movie for another two months changing it and finessing it. At some point you gotta get onto the next one. I’m stoked how it came out. I still enjoyed watching it at each of the premiers.

You weren’t sick of it by then?

It was funny. We’d get in there and the crowd would start hooting and we wouldn’t want to leave. We wanted to see how the crowd reacted to every shot. We didn’t want to miss anything.

[According to Kai, Modern Collective should be on iTunes today…or maybe tomorrow. DVDs should hit surf shops sometime next week…hopefully. And his next movie…2011? Uh…yeah, right.]



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  • john

    Im getting pissed this shit isnt out yet. It’s been hyped for two years straight and now its not even coming out on itunes on time. Even the most low budg shit heaps manage to get their stuff out on itunes on time.

  • Dylan

    Stoked on this interview. Thanks for asking Kai about the release dates.

    The past 48 hours the vid has been occasionally showing up on itunes. Sometimes You search for it and it shows up under ‘tv shows’ and other times it doesn’t show up at all.

    If it does show up the artwork is missing – and if you try to buy it, you get a message that says “the item has been moved to a different part of the store” or some sh*t like that.

    Hopefully things straighten out in the next day or so.

  • Al

    Now it is November 18th and it is still not on iTunes. So again, where the hell is it? It is understandable for the release of the DVD to be delayed, as i can’t recall a surf movie that was actually in the store the day of the release date. But the delay for it on iTunes is just annoying. I have, along with a good majority of the younger surfing population have been awaiting this movie since its conception and we just want to see more than the two teaser trailers that have been released.

  • Jimmy J

    Those who’ve seen it know mc will be worth the wait. Better than STRANGER, better than anything, don’t even speak about drifter yawnnnnnnn

  • Bryce Frees

    Just watched The Drifter in LA and then read Kai’s quote saying, “But if you want to do a bigger project, you’re going to need a bigger budget. So if I can dial in a decent budget and get a good crew, we’ll do it again.”

    I do not want to draw conclusions or explain connections but Poor Specimen sucks – washed up, sold out, never was, fraud, yup scum, dream tour, kooks for hire……………….please could someone tell me what about surfing I should idolize cause this makes me feel like I am stuck in the movie Cocktails and Dreams. Dion is Tom Cruise.

  • ny1

    It’s on iTunes now, just bought it. I saw it come back on Tunes this morning, all the artwork and everything was straight. I’d been checking for it the past few days too and was frustrated as hell. BUT… I downloaded it, and it’s absolutely amazing and well worth the wait. Just search Modern Collective on iTunes and you’ll see it.

  • Josh Dergance

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