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posted by / Sounds / June 25, 2014

Goat. Photo: Tammy PatersonThis is Goat. Photo: Tammy Karlsson

Once upon a time we were mysterious.

Like the fascinating Scandinavian band, Goat, for instance. Apparently, Goat has no actual band members, but rather, is a musical collective from a remote village in Northern Sweden that became followers of a traveling African witch doctor. Hence the maracas, congas and other very Sub-Saharan rhythms. Indeed, Goat thrives on their non-identity, wearing Voodoo masks at all their shows, and animal bones, skulls and rare bird feathers. Sure, their origin-story is dubious, but it’s this mystery — like their performances — that’s so alluring.

Goat’s sound is as exotic as their story. Part-psychedelic rock, part-West African Sabar, imagine if Fela Kuti, Tame Impala and Jefferson Airplane wandered into a forest and started jamming together. But, like, with masks on.

We can be mysterious again. ‘Cause if you’ve got the sound or the talent to back up the hype, then it’s worth the search. And a bit of modern mythology these days couldn’t hurt anybody. Which is why we’re never offended when John John forgets to call us back. –Beau Flemister

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