Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

posted by / Sounds / November 12, 2010

Jake HalsteadJake Halstead finds the right pitch. PHOTO: Taras



The Misfits – “Skulls”

This has been my favorite song for a while. It’s short but, gets me so stoked to surf.



The Adolescents- “Kids Of The Black Hole”

My friend Owen showed me this song. I think it’s the best song for a surf movie. It’s about the band sleeping in an old abandoned hotel and all the stuff that happens.



The Adicts – “Joker In The Pack”

This song is my hands down favorite. I listen to this one before my heats. There’s just something about it that gets me so pumped and kinda mad–which some how makes me surf well.



The Distillers- “The Young Crazed Peeling”

My girlfriend got me into this girl. She’s pretty bad ass and this song is super catchy. I just love her voice, it’s raw and sounds sick.



Agent Orange – “Everything Turns Grey”

This song is sick. I just heard it not to long ago and I really like it. It almost sounds like old school surf music but more punk. I don’t like rap. I think it’s fake music. I like punk and rock n’ roll because that the only real music where a band makes it, not a rapper making beats on a computer. There’s not real music anymore. People are getting brain washed by fake music. It’s just gay.



Jake HalsteadPHOTO: Sherm

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  • dude

    No rap ? Thank effin God ! If you’re going the standards route Jakey, check out The Replacements.

  • chuck

    2:55 am saturday in my country, no waves today, exams starts on monday…. the clash- london calling, jaco pastorius- soul intro the chicken, gorillaz- dirty harry, the clash- rock the casbah… im drunk

  • Matt S.

    Thanks for the cool selections JH.
    I love this part of your website.
    Keep up the good work.

  • scott

    (fugazi)-waiting room

  • twono

    haha best music selection out of anyone
    no artsy fartsy crap

  • cholo

    jaco pastorius is tha man!!!

  • ChanchoSD

    Amoeba- The Adolecents (TH3 childhood mems). You got yr cherry bomb- spoon. Burn for you- T Mac. and finally to get me stoked, Trut of a liar- august burns rad!

  • hah

    This spoiled la jolla rich kid is so punk rock. Hip Hop is fake music? Your ignorance is awesome, but the real mistake you make is trying to pretend like you are tuff, that will only get you in trouble.

  • for reals?>??

    amen brother ^