Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Kiron Jabour

posted by / Sounds / February 24, 2012

Kiron Jabour //  BackdoorKiron Jabour // Backdoor


The Adolescents- kids of the black hole –
i like these guys sound is sick gets me amped to go surfing, I was listening to them allot in Bali last year I like when I listen to music and it reminds me of something this reminds me of firing Keramas.

Nirvana – Lithium

Been listening to Nirvana forever — they never get old. I like how this song starts slow then it pumps up!

YG – Bitches Ain’t S$it

This song has sick bass. I slam this thing in the car — it goes off.

Motorhead – Iron Fist

This song is bad-ass. Lemmy sounds sick and he has the craziest mustache ever. I want one of those. The sound they make is nuts — no way you’re not going to be amped after listening to Motorhead.

Alborosie – Kingston Town

I wish I had a Jamaican accent — sounds so sick! But I don’t, so I just listen to this kind of music. It’s a cruisy song to listen too.

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  • Yar

    Wow; the kids are not ok I guess?

  • The Kid is in perfect condition!Ripping as ussual!

    Great Job Kiron! Be yourself,follow your dream,only you can do it!The rest is….