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posted by / Sounds / November 19, 2010

Luke Ditella, New Jersey's music man. Photo: Melissa Dilger

Luke Ditella, New Jersey's music man. Photo: Melissa Dilger

The Northeast during Hurricane Igor. Photo: Ryan Struck

The Northeast during Hurricane Igor. Photo: Ryan Struck

For me, it’s nearly impossible to select 100 of my favorite tracks/artists. Let alone under 10. I come from a family that is deeply rooted in music and we’re all music fans. Anyone who knows me knows that it’s a rare moment when I’m doing anything without a tune on. I tried to pick a few classics that will always be with me as well as some new/lesser known artists you may like. Enjoy.


The Jim Jones Revue – “Princess and the Frog”

Possibly my favorite band at the moment. So girtty and raw with the over saturated recording. Everything about these guys is explosive. Including the swing/blues sound. Little Richard meets punk rock.



The Parlor Mob – “Hard Times”

These are some dear friends of mine that are some of the most talented musicians you’ll meet now a days. If you’re a fan of Wolfmother, Zepplin, etc–you’ll love em like I do.



The Doors- “The End (1967)”

‘My favorite band of all time since I was about 7 years old. Needs no explanation.



Atlantic Atlantic – “Super Tall Buildings”

These guys are a throwback to when music was the focus. Brad is such a talented person. From doing his own animations to writing the music.



Eddie Cochran – “Twenty Flight Rock”




Scott Liss & The 66- “Miles”

A singer/songwriter thats such a deep thinker. Brings you back to when music was..well..good.



Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa”

Any song of his is a favorite of mine. I chose this one bc it shows just how out of his fucking mind he really is.



Nicole Atkins – “Maybe Tonight”

Amazing. She has such a ridiculous vocal range and sound. More talent than most anyones iTunes combined.



Muddy Waters – “Got My Mojo Workin'”

Simply put, The Man.



Bruce Springsteen – “The Ghost of Tom Joad”

I mean, I’m from Jersey. Call him what you may, he’s a legend. PERIOD.



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  • Luke

    Thanks boys.

  • nick

    yeah Luke! no BS emo posturing or super-trends in the whole bunch…

  • Tony Castelluci

    Haven’t really picked up the mag in years. Found the October issue at the UWF gym, and I mixed that in with a tripy issue of Nat Geo, (they ‘re all tripy, but this one had some cool Egyptian stuff in it.).

    Got to the spread you laid out on Pensacola Beach and just stared at it for a while. All the memories of all the great waves I’ve caught here just flooded back. The epic days were few and far between, and the mediocre to crap days were more plentiful, but still, that’s my home break.

    I was living in Atlanta when the oil hit. But now I’m back and I’m looking for answers. I’ve written the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, University of West Florida, and WKRG TV-5 (who have run tests on crude oil content). No one has responded to me.

    The answer I’m looking for is “How much Corexit is in the water.?” I’ve had fantasies about asking this question. Italian-American fantasies where I walk across the street to the someone who has an answer and take care of it the way Ray Liotta took care of it in Goodfellas. But that’s just a fantasy and can’t do any good. But the intensity of that scene from Goodfellas is how serious I am about wanting an answer to that question.

    So now I’m asking Surfing. Do you have the weight to help me answer the question? Can we get some help down here about answering how much Corexit is in the water?

    Corexit is toxic at 4 Parts per million and up. Crude oil is toxic at 50 PPM and up. The last test was only on crude, and it was conducted with our neighbor at Orange Beach, AL. The measured 120ppm at the beach, and 200 ppm in the harbor. But still, no answers about the Corexit PPM.

    A lot of guys are going in the water without knowing. Seems better to stay out, instead of waking up one morning and finding out I’ve slowing transforming into Bootstrap Bill. (Another movie reference…yeah…I know…I like movies. And?)

    Any help you can offer into getting clear cut answers would help. The Emerald Coast Surfrider Foundation released their test findings. But looking at it, is like looking at an advanced chemistry text book. They didn’t offer any clear cut answers to the questions, “Is it safe? Is the Corexit under 4 PPM? Is the crude under 50 PPM?”

    Thanks for your time.

    Tony Castelluci
    Gulf Coast Resident

  • t

    good work mr ditella