Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Sterling Spencer

posted by / Sounds / December 23, 2011

Sterling Spencer. Photo: Taras
Sterling Spencer. Photo: Taras


I picked five songs for your ears this weekend. Like it! NOW!

All these songs are in my new movie SURF MADNESS! Finding good music that you can afford to put in a movie is the hardest thing ever. But, we searched for months and found some goods.
Ty Segall – Girlfriend
This is my favorite song of all time… Warren Smith actually played this song for me in Maine about two years ago. I’ve been holding onto it for awhile. It’s the fit perfect for our horse head part in the movie.


The Mumblers – Coffin Factory
Sorry. This is my favorite song. We were in Puerto Rico and my editor, BIG WAVE DAVE, played this and I was obsessed. It inspired us to do something weird. That’s why we went surfing in Crocs. Every single human in Puerto Rico wears Crocs. It was amazing and definitely my favorite part in the movie by far. It took me like, two hours to convince Taj [Burrow] to surf in Crocs.


Crystal Stilts – Shake the Shackles
This song is for the Nicaragua part with Craig [Anderson] and Nate [Tyler]. This song makes you feel super Indie and want to get tattoos and smoke cigarettes…and swear…and ride trains.


Cats Eyes – Over You
This song is rad and was used for the first California part in San Clemente. We actually scored State Park and had a glory session with Eric Geiselbreath and Oliver Squirts. They were shredding and the sun was out and my hair was dry!


Dignan Porch – Like It Was
This song is like the end of a long journey. When Dave and I were rapping up the movie, for about a month we would play this song at night and dance and sway to keep the good vibes going. We were so over it but, this song kept us going!

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  • Norcal

    I vote that Spencer moves to Floriduh, and stops mattering to this and other magazines…

  • got mail

    agree with the poster above,
    it must be an industry thing….
    this guy adds little value, but takes away any substance

  • Yoda

    The first 2 responses are funny\weird\sad. You people take things way too serious.

  • bufu

    Disagree with the previous two. Sterling adds some humor and a bit of creativity. I thought his vid was comical and refreshing.

  • fart face

    Wish this dude would go away so bad.

  • G-mcTwist

    agree with post nr 1,2 and 5, disagree with the rest!

  • the truth

    sadly, his sponsors put him on a pedestal

    not funny, not creative, barely has a personality….

    sad people continue to pay attention to sub-par self-loathing hipsters like S.S.

    the guy does nothing, and is the kim kardashian minus the sex tape of surfing.

  • yep

    Sterling’s Dope !

  • Chill

    Sterling seems to be operating in the 19080’s, too bad for him it’s 25 years later. So mixed tape.

  • the truth

    we all hate this a$$ clown, who keeps kissing his a$$?

    i would love to see the spineless souls who put this man on a pedestal for being less than average.

  • Daniel

    Lighten up people, he’s just having fun…

  • Norcal

    To clarify my point. His sarcasm has led to angst for others. He acts like he’s being funny, but really isn’t. Then there is the whole “artsy-core” thing he’s got going…mostly I just think, “Really?!?” Some left over pros don’t belong in the industry…that includes myself.

  • Mike

    Wow, so much bitterness. He never did anything bad to me and tried to share some stuff he likes, so why would I say anything but thanks?

    Damn, are you all this angry in the lineup, too? Get in fights over 2 foot waves much?


    is this a joke,i almost fell asleep on the first movie sound tracks.???? WOW



  • LB

    surf movie sound tracks what a joke.makes me want go to sleep! do your guest get free pillows? zzzzzzzzz

  • JAR

    Haha! Can’t believe your comments! The soundtrack for surf madness is one of the best surf vid soundtracks ever in my opinion and the songs in all his vids are sweet tracks! You all fail to realize that Surf Madness was also free to the public!
    I would pay to spend a day surfing with Sterling Spencer just to have the good vibe! Don’t hate the guy who’s having all the fun! Keep up the good work buddy!

  • big john

    you guys who bash him, are complete buthholes and are not surfers, and more so trolls thats why nobody likes you and you probably suck at surfing and get cat poop thrown at you

  • Chris

    Good job haters. Your hating on a super rad dude who prob get paid and surfs way better then you. Plus he is living out his life and doing what he wants. I think its the radest thing out there. Blogs are where its at now adays.

  • Paul

    Spencer rules. Guy does what he wants and has fun. You’ll always be hated on no matter what you do anyways so whats it matter! Especially shouldn’t care what these humorless pricks above think! Stuff em.

  • myfeetarewet

    respect for Sterling. Does what he wants, not afraid to be different. What’s so wrong with that? I think some of you must be either jealous or afraid of new things. Yew Sterling!

  • Paul-Louis

    Loved this film, great soundtrack, funny voice overs, etc. One of the better movies I’ve seen in a while.

    People with no creative ability or skill will shoot this down as a shit film.

  • glass case of emotion

    i certainly do not promote the dismissal of opinion from all views. Sterling is one part of an entire pie. we were asked our opinions and should be respected, weather the publisher, editor, or creator agrees. it is exciting to see people hold on to identity. he is in most places not “status quo”! but who are we to determine what a “pro” should represent? tight jeans, tight line-ups and tigh a$$es are all part of “our” surfing foundation. so smoke something, drink it, and hate if you must.these guys really do not care about your name calling or your hate riddled agendas, they had fun,it was their fun not ours!relax dont relax, continue surfing in your bada$$ bubbles amongst your super punchy fight ready clans MMA cage ready minds and i promise you these guys, gay or not, will smile and tap dance all around your gridlock thinking and bobwire verbatum.

  • glass case of emotion

    what is it that makes us all bobwire, mma fightready judges of men? these group of happy prawns will skip and smile around your fist pumping, date raping agendas with the same creative clarity of Tim Burton. its rad .sterling spencer is only dancing around in his mind, he doesnt kill babies or start fights over tribal tattoos or crowcded home breaks where locals rule. “lighten up Francsis”