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Today's SwellWatch: Wednesday, Jul 29 2015

You Are Here: Jeff Rowley

posted by / Blogs / November 12, 2012

You Are Here, Nathan MyersWant to surf big waves – then you should be listening to classical music. And quit your job. And stop surfing the small stuff

Just ask Australian big-wave devotee Jeff Rowley

Jay Thompson // Shaping Boards // 2:10

posted by / Video / November 12, 2012

Jay goes old school with it

How’s it go? You tell us

Bending Colours

posted by / Blogs / November 9, 2012

Jordy’s new shred flick is exceptional

Slob airs so clean we’re calling them “Tidys”

Brett Burcher // Innersection // 1:56

posted by / Video / November 9, 2012

Thick barrels and solid power surfing…

And one of the best wipeouts we’ve ever seen. Ever.

Oakley Team // Java, Indonesia // 7:06

posted by / Video / November 9, 2012

In Oakley Dispatch episode 8, Sebastian Zietz, Dustin Barca, Danny Fuller, Eric Geiselman and Lee Wilson embark on a journey to Java

Perfection found in empty line ups

EPOKHE Giveaway

posted by / News / November 8, 2012

The eyewear brand will give you shades for giving to Waves for Water.

Want some new sunnies?

O’neill Coldwater Classic 2012 Wrap Up // Santa Cruz // 4:01

posted by / Video / November 8, 2012

In case you missed the webcast and daily videos, here’s the entire event

Highlighted in four minutes

Mike & Ben Powell // West Coast // 2:02

posted by / Video / November 8, 2012

Happy campers are happy brothers

A trip to the left coast

Ryan Briggs // Jacksonville, Florida // 2:58

posted by / Video / November 8, 2012

Hurricane Sandy’s preferred look

Ain’t she pretty in the south?

Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge

posted by / News / November 7, 2012

The photo contest, in memory of Sion Milosky, returns for its second year.

More barrels, more prize money

Torrey Meister // California // 3:28

posted by / Video / November 7, 2012

A summer well spent in California — a collection of A-clips

Winter’s calling now. Back to the rock.

Taj Burrow Wins O’neill Coldwater Classic 2012

posted by / News / November 7, 2012

Wilko finishes second

Plenty of coldies and celebratory coldies

Grom Games Flipbook

posted by / Lightbox / November 6, 2012

In between surfs, the groms enthusiastically participate in Olympic-esque style games

Why wouldn’t they? They’re groms

Waves For Water: Sandy Mission

posted by / News / November 5, 2012

Does surfing have a heart?

Here’s how you can help

Fishtales News Episode 1: Matt Wilkinson // 6:01

posted by / Video / November 5, 2012

People want to know… what kind of chicks Wilko attracts?

Paul Fisher asks the difficult questions

Baby Cobras 2012 Photo Winner Change

posted by / News / November 5, 2012

Baby CobrasNobody likes a tattle tail.

Except Mike Killion

Marlon Lipke // “Lost Tapes” // 3:47

posted by / Video / November 5, 2012

The 2012 ASP European champ compiles a collection of clips


The Relatively Coldwater Classic

posted by / News / November 3, 2012

Lukewarm surfing in chilly conditions in Santa Cruz

Grab a bowl and get the scoop

Evan Geiselman // South Florida // 3:38

posted by / Video / November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy’s a two-faced monster

For Evan, she show’s her beauty and grace

2012 Baby Cobras: Young Winners

posted by / News / November 2, 2012

Baby CobrasThree winners have been decided in film, photography and writing

Snakes on a plane, next stop: Hawaii!

Fantasy Corner