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Today's SwellWatch: Tuesday, Oct 21 2014

Will Create for Traction

posted by / News / January 27, 2011

UPDATE: It was hard, but we’ve picked a winner — click to read it, and thanks for all the solid submissions

Be as creative as Craig Anderson and get his new signature traction pad from Modom

She Goes Both Ways

posted by / News / January 27, 2011

Volcom Pipe Pro Day 2 sees a plethora of rights and lefts
Words by Daniel Ikaika Ito
Photo Gallery by Ryan Foley

Gallery: This Week in California

posted by / Photos / January 26, 2011

A photo journal of the recent West Coast surf bacchanal

Stranger Than Non-Fiction

posted by / News / January 26, 2011

The 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro gets weird on Day 1

5 O’Clock Doodle

posted by / Art, Blogs / January 25, 2011

Another doodle from Europe. This one was used for a Last Ride in SURFING a while back

Now Seeking Simple Ideas to Make Surfing Better

posted by / News / January 25, 2011

What’s your Simple idea to make surfing better this year? Pitch it. We’re waiting to dole out new kicks for innovative feets

Taj Burrow // Malaysia Wave Pool // 4:00

posted by / Video / January 25, 2011

Jetski + Tow Rope + Wave Pool = Assisted Surfing

Luke Davis // Lower Trestles // 2:28

posted by / Video / January 24, 2011


Filmmaker: Noah Alani
Waves: Clean and banky with some thin lips for the chuckin’

5 O’Clock Doodle

posted by / Blogs / January 21, 2011

By Scott Chenoweth

NSSA Standout of the Week: Leila Hurst

posted by / News / January 21, 2011

Where SURFING recognize surfers before they’re recognizable.

Summer Teeth by Dane Reynolds

posted by / News / January 20, 2011

Dane Reynolds’ art project Thrills, Spills and Whatnot is available — for the moment. There are only 5,000 copies

Help Us Choose a Caption

posted by / News / January 20, 2011

You gave us over 100 caption ideas for Nixon’s Lodown giveaway, and now we’re supposed to announce the winner. Turns out we need some help with that too. [UPDATE: The people have spoken. Click through for the winning caption.

Elevens: 11 New Sounds for 2011

posted by / Sounds / January 19, 2011

Artists to add to your playlist this year. Listen and learn

Stab & Dodge

posted by / Video / January 19, 2011

We didn’t make this, but the fact that someone did is pretty satisfying

Meet That Big-Wave Chick: Savannah Shaughnessy

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / January 18, 2011

Out of Office Reply21-year-old UCSC grad has degrees in biology and awesomeness

Elevens: 11 Predictions for 2011

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / January 18, 2011

Trends and events to watch for in the coming year

5 O’Clock Doodle

posted by / Blogs / January 18, 2011

By Scott Chenoweth

Jason Harris // Dirty Harry: Vol. 1 // 6:19

posted by / News, Video / January 18, 2011

Lo-fi Super 8 edit with plenty of ripping and unique delivery

See You At Sundance, Ryan Phillippe

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / January 16, 2011

You with your new surf doc, me with mine

Children’s Stories From The 2010 Vans Triple Crown

posted by / Lightbox / January 14, 2011

Gather round, boys and girls! For there are tales to tell…

Fantasy Corner