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Today's SwellWatch: Thursday, Nov 27 2014

The Hobgood Challenge: Damien Hobgood

posted by / Uncategorized / February 20, 2007

Damien Hobgood Nickname: DAMO Born on: July 6, 1979 Hometown: Satellite, FL, USA Years Pro: 9 Sponsors: Globe, Anon Optics, […]

40 Days and 40 nights on Hawaii’s North Shore

posted by / Adam No Category / February 20, 2007

NORTH SHORE LIVE LIGHTBOX 12.12.06 Jamie O’Brien switch stance, Kelly Slater’s backdoor bomb Fanning’s perfect 10 and more. The North […]

Surfers and Snowboarders Show-off Their Boardriding Skills at the 2007 H2O Winter Classic

posted by / News / February 16, 2007

The surf was up and the snow was falling as top surfers and snowboarders took their skills and put them […]

The Globe WCT Fiji Cancelled

posted by / News / February 16, 2007

On December 6, 2006, when the Fijian military took over and forced the island chain into its fourth military coup […]

Search SURFINGmagazine.com Results

posted by / Adam No Category / February 14, 2007

RIGHT FOOT FORWARD: Owen Wright wins a goofyfoot-heavy Hobgood Challenge presented by Pac Sun

posted by / News / February 13, 2007

SIGN UP FOR ALERTS ON THE HOBGOOD CHALLENGE HERE Nobody would’ve bet on it. Pulling up to a super-critical South […]


posted by / News / February 13, 2007

On the morning Feb. 13, 1997, during a rapidly rising 18- to 20-foot swell, Todd Chesser paddled out to an […]

Welcome to the real swimsuit issue

posted by / Photos / February 13, 2007

Welcome to the real swimsuit issue. Here’s what you will find: real women, real surfers, real locations and really hot […]

Israel: Part 3

posted by / Photos / February 12, 2007

Out in the lineup, the local surfers kept telling us how lucky we were. Before we arrived, it had been […]

Jamie O’Brien Wins His Second Monster Energy Pro at Pipeline

posted by / News / February 11, 2007

HONOLULU, Hawaii (Friday, February 9, 2007) – North Shore resident Jamie O’Brien won his second Monster Energy Pro, presented by […]

Girls School: The Extended Interview

posted by / News / February 9, 2007

It was the biggest chick event ever held: the Havaianas Beachley Classic, at Manly, Australia, its ${{{100}}},000 prizemoney out-ranking all […]

Another Reason to Hate Surf PE

posted by / News / February 8, 2007

I seldom – if ever – call out surfing’s youth for being misguided or flat-out wrong. We’ve all made mistakes […]

Mark Mathews Steals the Show with Perfect 10 at Monster Energy Pro

posted by / News / February 7, 2007

HONOLULU (Tuesday, February 6, 2007) – The $75,000 Monster Energy Pro, presented by Billabong, experienced the largest contest surf of […]

SURFING Portfolio Series with William Sharp

posted by / Photos / February 6, 2007

Age: 50Home Town: Oxnard, CAYears Shooting: 30+ yearsMentors: Robert Glenn Ketchum and Larry MooreFavorite Subjects: Lineups Strengths: Family and friendsSurf […]

Israelity: Part Two

posted by / Photos / February 6, 2007

The stonework maze of Old Jerusalem is home to the most sacred shrines of Muslims, Christians and Jews alike. In […]


posted by / Adam No Category / February 2, 2007

We hadn’t really seen anything like it all winter. That big, dark purple blob growling and growing with intensity as […]

Blame Canada

posted by / Photos / February 2, 2007

Dane Reynolds is acquiring a taste for warm beer. Jamie O’Brien has taken up hunting birds with rounded stones. And […]

Israel: the first days

posted by / Photos / January 31, 2007

The look on our hotel-keeper’s face speaks volumes. Instead of speaking to us, he turns to his young co-worker and […]

ON THE SET: John from Cincinnati

posted by / News / January 30, 2007

***Editors Note**** In an article in Surfing’s March 2007 issue [“On the Set,” page 61] regarding the upcoming HBO TV […]

ASR 2007: Meetings. Fashion shows, Bro-shakes and Free Beer

posted by / News / January 29, 2007

Meetings. Fashion shows. Business dinners that turn into massive piss-ups. Bosses doing the worm. Free Beer. Bro-shakes. Bros in scarves. […]

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