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Today's SwellWatch: Sunday, Aug 30 2015

Greg Long Wins The 2008 Mavericks Surf Contest

posted by / News / January 13, 2008

Greg Long might want to think twice next time before making a pact as the final starts. Because for the

Jamie O’Brien Wins The Backdoor Shootout

posted by / News / January 12, 2008

On the morning of the third day of Da Hui Backdoor Shootout things looked grim for Jamie O’Brien. A declining

2008 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Day Two

posted by / News / January 12, 2008

At 6:40 am HST (Hawai‘i Standard Time), TJ Barron landed at Honolulu International airport. By 4:12 pm HST, TJ was

2008 O’Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro: Final Day

posted by / News / January 11, 2008

Event: 2008 O’Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro Presented by Ron JonConditions: clean, waist to chest high peaks that looked eerily like

2008 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout: Biggest, Baddest, Best

posted by / News / January 10, 2008

Like a sleeping giant, Banzai Pipeline woke up on Jan. 9 after a five-week slumber and welcomed back Da Hui

Sessions 73 Gallery

posted by / Photos / January 9, 2008

Acclaimed surf photographer Dustin Humphrey is staring around the room in disbelief. At his own images, so elegantly displayed on

WQS Update With Al Hunt

posted by / News / January 9, 2008

Sign up for the exclusive ASP newsletter HERE Only one ASP WQS event this week, the O’Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro

These Arms Are Snakes

posted by / Sounds / January 6, 2008

We wish you could see them live. It’s a sweaty, energetic and often-bloody ode to ‘70’s stage demons like Iggy

2008 Billabong World Juniors: Final Day

posted by / News / January 6, 2008

SURF: 4-6 foot and perfectEVENTS HELD: Men’s Round 4 to FinalNATURE’S CALL: After a week on non stop swell it’s

2008 Billabong World Juniors: Day 3

posted by / News / January 5, 2008

SURF: 6-8 foot storm surfEVENTS HELD: Men’s Round 3NATURE’S CALL: Hopefully better tomorrow for the finalsPREDICTED: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie oi,

2008 Billabong World Juniors: Day 2

posted by / News / January 4, 2008

SURF: 6 feet and risingEVENTS HELD: Men’s Round 2NATURE’S CALL: Could be too big tomorrowPREDICTED: Watch out for the lead

2008 Billabong World Juniors: Day 1

posted by / News / January 3, 2008

SURF: 4-5 feet and windyEVENTS HELD: Men’s and Women’s Round 1NATURE’S CALL: Getting bigger on the weekendPREDICTED: We now got

Two-Thousand and..Wait?

posted by / Photos / January 1, 2008

You need to upgrade your Flash Player For all those who went overboard Dec. 31, they didn’t miss much on

The Top 16 Stories of the Year

posted by / News / December 28, 2007

2007 was a strange year. We saw a lot of break-ups (Sunny Garcia wasn’t the only prominent pro surfer filling

More Fresh Ink for Jordy Smith

posted by / News / December 27, 2007

There’s a little less precious real estate left on Jordy Smith’s 6’3” shred sticks these days. DVS shoes have inked

Virginia Is For Flowriders?

posted by / News / December 26, 2007

Virginia Beach, 1985. Wes Laine is ripping it up for a large, local crowd. It’s your typical knee-high summer session,

Meet The 2008 WCT

posted by / News / December 26, 2007

Sign up for the exclusive ASP newsletter HERE That is all she wrote folks. The season is finished, the fix

Vote for the best cover of 2007!

posted by / News / December 25, 2007

February Issue 2008 Surfing Magazine

posted by / Magazine / December 24, 2007

Aloha, Senior: Ronald “Senior” Hill: 1942-2007

posted by / Photos / December 21, 2007

Editor’s Note: He was the King of the Hill House – the notorious “House of Pain” that helped shape some

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