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Today's SwellWatch: Tuesday, Mar 03 2015


posted by / News / September 18, 2006

Newport Beach welcomes some of professional surfing’s brightest stars to the Newport Pro presented by {{{Jeep}}}. This Association of Surfing […]

ESA Championships: In 2005, not all the best surfing went down in a heat.

posted by / Photos / September 17, 2006

Last year, not all the best surfing went down in a heat. With a tropical system at sea and a […]

The Gentle Assassin: Bede Durbidge beats Andy, Taj and Kelly to Win the Boost Mobile Pro Presented by Hurley

posted by / News / September 16, 2006

EVENTS HELD: Round 4 to FinalsCONDITIONS: 2-4 feet, glassy early, trashed laterNATURE’S CALL: Looking big in France.PREDICTIONS: Turning into a […]

It Had to Happen: Trestles and Taj Turn On

posted by / News / September 16, 2006

EVENTS HELD: Round 3CONDITIONS: 4-5 feet, with waves and conditions improving throughout the day. NATURE’S CALL: Should be high performance […]

Limer-Mick Reader Challenge Winner

posted by / News / September 15, 2006

As it turns out, we’re not poets at all around here. And when it comes to judging, you know, poetry […]


posted by / News / September 15, 2006

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. The surf industry’s leaders and stars gathered to raise funds for 12 surf-related humanitarian organizations at Liquid […]

The Grind: The ‘CT Goes to Work in Round 2

posted by / News / September 14, 2006

EVENTS HELD: Round 2CONDITIONS: 3-4 feet. Fairly clean all day.NATURE’S CALL: Could be on tomorrow, could be not.PREDICTIONS: Don’t count […]

ESA: 2006 Eastern Surfing Championships Title Threats

posted by / Photos / September 13, 2006

Welcome to the 2005 Eastern Surfing Championships and congratulations — you are among an elite group of East Coast surfers […]

2006 Boost Mobile of Pro Surf Presented by Hurley Day 1

posted by / News / September 12, 2006

EVENTS HELD: Round 1CONDITIONS: 4-5 foot. Smooth in the morning, windy in the afternoon.NATURE’S CALL: Little smaller tomorrow and Thursday. […]

Lightbox: Boost Mobile Pro of Surf Presented by Hurley 2006

posted by / Photos / September 12, 2006

SURFING Making Headlines in the Yemen Times

posted by / News / September 12, 2006

Yemen’s most widely read English-language Newspaper, Yemen times, caught up with SURFING photographer DJ Struntz, and surfers Jesse Hines, Cheyne […]

Boost Mobile of Surf Begins Today

posted by / News / September 12, 2006

SAN CLEMENTE, USA – The full compliment of the top 45 surfers in the world will hit the water at […]

ASR 2006: Complete Coverage of the ASR San Diego

posted by / News / September 11, 2006

ASR 2006: The State of Surfing ASR 2006: An Interview with Larry Bertlemann ASR 2006: Models, Models and More Models. […]

Insight 300 Seconds – 2006 – And the winners are…

posted by / News / September 8, 2006

:: Insight 300 Seconds Top 10 short films will also be shown on ‘Union on Demand’ starting this September, so […]

International Surfing Day Gallery

posted by / Photos / September 8, 2006

Surfrider Roundup on International Surfing Day

posted by / Adam No Category / September 8, 2006

October ’06: The Green Issue What appeared to be your average day at the beach turned into a massive attack […]

Legendary surf/skate photographer Warren Bolster: 1947-2006

posted by / Photos / September 7, 2006

One of surfing’s most talented and eccentric visionaries, Hawaii photographer Warren Bolster, died yesterday from an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound. […]

SURFING PHOTO UNIT: Portfolio Series with Sammy Olson

posted by / Photos / September 6, 2006

Associate Photo Editor Sammy Olson Age: 24 Home Town: Santa Cruz, CA Years Shooting: 9 Mentors: Dave Olson (my grandfather), […]

User Photo Contest

posted by / Photos / September 6, 2006

Dusty Payne and Coco Ho Win the Billabong Junior Pro at Kewalo Basin

posted by / News / September 5, 2006

The finals for the boys and girls division for the Billabong Junior Pro Series Event ‘In Memory of Ronnie Burns’ […]

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