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Today's SwellWatch: Thursday, May 28 2015

Easy Breezy Andy: Andy wins the OP Pro Hawaii with a Kelly-like cool, while Taj takes second with an Andy-like intensity.

posted by / News / November 21, 2006

EVENTS HELD: Round of 32 all the way to the final. CONDITIONS: Slightly choppy, 2-3 foot rights and leftsNATURE’S CALL:

Right on Track: The swell finally fills in and the right at Haleiwa makes a triumphant return on Monday

posted by / News / November 21, 2006

EVENTS HELD MONDAY: Heats 9-16 of the round of 96 and all of Mens Round of 64 CONDITIONS: 3-4 foot

DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? Tiny Conditions level the playing field Sunday for the OP Pro Hawaii.

posted by / News / November 19, 2006

EVENTS HELD SATURDAY: Round of 128 and Heats 1-9 of Round of 96. CONDITIONS: 1-2 foot dribble while the rest

An Avalanche Hits the Op Pro Hawaii

posted by / News / November 18, 2006

EVENTS HELD SATURDAY: Round of 160 and Round of 144 CONDITIONS: Flat out front, bunny slopes at {{{Avalanche}}}NATURE’S CALL: Haleiwa


posted by / Magazine / November 17, 2006


North Shore Live Lightbox

posted by / Photos / November 17, 2006

With the North Shore not exactly firing on all cylinders, you’d think it would be difficult to come up with

‘I’m so Happy’: Sophia Mulanovich wins the Op Pro Hawaii Womens title at Haleiwa and now leads the Vans Triple Crown.

posted by / News / November 17, 2006

EVENTS HELD THURSDAY: Womens Round 2 until the Final. CONDITIONS: 2 foot lefts and rights with on and off side

TSUNAMI BOMBS: Not even an 8.1 earthquake off the coast of Japan can rile up the North Shore

posted by / News / November 16, 2006

EVENTS HELD: Womens Trials, and Round 1 of the OP Pro Hawaii and {{{Vans}}} Triple CrownCONDITIONS: 2-3 foot double dribbles

SURFING PHOTO UNIT: Portfolio Series with Kenny Hurtado

posted by / Photos / November 13, 2006

Check out more in the LightBox   LightBox: Saving Chile with Jesse Faen One of the world’s best stretches of

Op North Shore Makahiki Festival Rocks Haleiwa on Second Day

posted by / News / November 12, 2006

The {{{Vans}}} Triple Crown of Surfing Series officially begins today, however an unseasonal flat spell has surfers and organizers opting

Nixon’s Art Mosh

posted by / Photos / November 8, 2006

Encinitas was treated to a night of culture this past Saturday as Nixon threw their first of a series of

Fanning Wins Nova Schin Festival; Moves to World No. 2

posted by / News / November 8, 2006

Australian Mick Fanning has rocketed to world No. 2 on the Foster’s ASP World Tour ratings with an emphatic win

Evan Valiere Wins 2006 Xcel Pro Presented by No Fear

posted by / Photos / November 7, 2006

Hawaii’s own Evan Valiere has won the 2006 Xcel Pro Presented by No Fear, overcoming a 132-man field and three

Little Giants: The 2006 Rip Curl GromSearch National Finals Score at Salt Creek

posted by / Photos / November 6, 2006

The WCT in miniature. That’s the best way to describe Saturday’s Rip Curl Grom Search National finals. Monstrous scaffolding. Post

“The Mountain and the Wave” Book Launch Party

posted by / Photos / November 6, 2006

Quiksilver announced that the much anticipated 320-page, full color book “The Mountain & the Wave, The Quiksilver Story” will be

The Beautiful Girls Interview

posted by / News / November 1, 2006

Bands hate it when you ask them to categorize their music — especially if they’re anything like The Beautiful Girls.

Day 2 Completed at the 2006 Xcel Pro Presented by No Fear

posted by / Photos / October 31, 2006

Day 2 Completed at the 2006 Xcel Pro Presented by No Fear Shane Beschen Barrels 9.57 for Best Wave Today

Sweet Liberia with Dan Malloy

posted by / Photos / October 31, 2006

December 06: Back To Basics

posted by / Magazine / October 30, 2006

Check out SURFING’s new December `06 Back to Basics issue. The newest issue includes: BACK TO BASICS Less is more,

The Freddy P Project Interrogation Premiere: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

posted by / News / October 30, 2006

Whiskey shots, a guaranteed lay and underage girls sporting clothes oozing with sexual innuendos were on tap this past Thursday

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