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Today's SwellWatch: Monday, Apr 27 2015

2006 Billabong World Junior Championships Photo Gallery

posted by / Photos / January 3, 2006

SurfingTheMag.com’s Fearless Predictions for 2006

posted by / News / December 30, 2005

Every year the SurfingTheMag.com staff sits down and ponders what will happen in the coming year. Usually, it’s events that

The Makings Of A Killer Swell: WaveWatch’s Vic DeJesus Talks About What Made December’s Swell Pump

posted by / News / December 28, 2005

When the staff at SURFING finally got out of the water after the great swell that slammed the West Coast

February ’06: Nev Hyman’s Next Big Thing

posted by / Magazine / December 27, 2005

With over 30 years of shaping experience under his belt, Gold Coast shaper Nev Hyman has been involved with virtually

February ’06: Found In Translation – Deciphering Taiwan’s Endless Surf Potential

posted by / Magazine / December 23, 2005

Joe and Peter have a Sunset flashback at “Thrunters”I can see him coming from a mile away — it’s pretty

January ’06: This Is My Board

posted by / Magazine / December 22, 2005

Now more than ever, the ultimate shaping machine is no machine. It’s a living creature. A strange beast of evolution

Clark Foam Shuts Down: SurfingTheMag.com Viewers Weigh In With Their Opinions

posted by / News / December 21, 2005

Wow. Can’t say we didn’t ask for this one. A few weeks ago, we asked you the viewers what you

Meet the Surfers Of Surfing’s 2006 World Championship Tour

posted by / News / December 20, 2005

The luckiest people on earth have to be the 2006 WCT tour qualifiers. Just in time for Christmas, the 2006

2005 North Shore Week In Review: 12-12-05 to 12-20-05

posted by / News / December 18, 2005

The Award Show EditionSlater gets out of the sun at Pipe What? It’s over? Already? Come on, seems like we

Bede Durbidge: 2006 WCT Replacement Seed # 1

posted by / News / December 18, 2005

D.O.B.: Feb 23,19832005 WCT VICTORIES: 0 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Gold Coast, AustraliaSTANCE: NaturalSPONSORS: Billabong, Mt Woodgee 2006 WCT EVENTS & RESULTS:Event

Jihad Khodr: 2006 WCT Replacement Seed # 2

posted by / News / December 18, 2005

D.O.B: December 30, 1983Current Residence: Matinhos, Parana, BrazilStance: RegularSponsors: Quiksilver, Canfield Surfboards 2006 WCT EVENTS & RESULTS:Event #1 Quiksilver Pro:

Lee Winkler: 2006 WCT Replacement Seed # 3

posted by / News / December 18, 2005

D.O.B.: June 14, 19772005 WCT VICTORIES: 0NICKNAME: WokCURRENT RESIDENCE: Coffs Harbour, AustraliaHEIGHT: 5’5”STANCE: RegularSPONSORS: Gotcha, Arnette, Ocean & Earth, Kustom,

Andy Irons Wins The 2005 Rip Curl Pipeline Masters And 2005 Triple Crown Of Surfing

posted by / News / December 17, 2005

Andy Irons makes it a triple.Andy Irons capped off the final with a perfect ’10′ SURF: One swell, two directions;

Chelsea Georgeson Wins 2005 World Title, Billabong Pro and Triple Crown

posted by / News / December 16, 2005

Chelsea Georgeson achieved the ultimate trifecta today to become the only athlete in the history of women’s surfing to win

2005 Rip Curl Pipe Masters – Round 2 & 3 Wrap-Up

posted by / News / December 16, 2005

Retiring legends surf their final WCT heats; well, some of them do, at leastLuke Egan charged on what could have

The Burning Question; How Do YOU Feel Abou Clark Foam’s Closure?

posted by / News / December 14, 2005

Back in the day: Clark blanks await the careful eye of Jeff ‘Doc’ Lausch of Surf Prescriptions – just mere

The Burning Question; Who Will Win The 2005 Rip Curl Pipeline Masters?

posted by / News / December 13, 2005

SURFING Magazine wants to know: Who do YOU think will win the 2005 Pipe Masters? Vote early and vote often!

2005 North Shore Week In Review: 12-05-05 to 12-11-05

posted by / News / December 12, 2005

It’s hard to believe we’re rounding the final stretch on this year’s prime time North Shore season. Has it really

2005 Rip Curl Pipeline Masters – Day 2: Round 1 Completed

posted by / News / December 10, 2005

SURF: trade-hacked, four-foot leftoversEVENTS HELD: Round OneNATURE’S CALL: Surf it and like itPREDICTED: One stacked Loser’s Bracket You mean I’ve

2005 Billabong Womens WCT At Honolua Bay Photo Gallery

posted by / Photos / December 10, 2005

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