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Today's SwellWatch: Tuesday, Aug 04 2015

2006 Billabong World Junior Championships: Round 1

posted by / News / January 4, 2006

The world’s top 48 junior surfers were in scintillating form on day one of the Billabong ASP World Junior Championships

2006 Billabong World Junior Championships Photo Gallery

posted by / Photos / January 3, 2006

SurfingTheMag.com’s Fearless Predictions for 2006

posted by / News / December 30, 2005

Every year the SurfingTheMag.com staff sits down and ponders what will happen in the coming year. Usually, it’s events that

The Makings Of A Killer Swell: WaveWatch’s Vic DeJesus Talks About What Made December’s Swell Pump

posted by / News / December 28, 2005

When the staff at SURFING finally got out of the water after the great swell that slammed the West Coast

February ’06: Nev Hyman’s Next Big Thing

posted by / Magazine / December 27, 2005

With over 30 years of shaping experience under his belt, Gold Coast shaper Nev Hyman has been involved with virtually

February ’06: Found In Translation – Deciphering Taiwan’s Endless Surf Potential

posted by / Magazine / December 23, 2005

Joe and Peter have a Sunset flashback at “Thrunters”I can see him coming from a mile away — it’s pretty

January ’06: This Is My Board

posted by / Magazine / December 22, 2005

Now more than ever, the ultimate shaping machine is no machine. It’s a living creature. A strange beast of evolution

Clark Foam Shuts Down: SurfingTheMag.com Viewers Weigh In With Their Opinions

posted by / News / December 21, 2005

Wow. Can’t say we didn’t ask for this one. A few weeks ago, we asked you the viewers what you

Meet the Surfers Of Surfing’s 2006 World Championship Tour

posted by / News / December 20, 2005

The luckiest people on earth have to be the 2006 WCT tour qualifiers. Just in time for Christmas, the 2006

2005 North Shore Week In Review: 12-12-05 to 12-20-05

posted by / News / December 18, 2005

The Award Show EditionSlater gets out of the sun at Pipe What? It’s over? Already? Come on, seems like we

Bede Durbidge: 2006 WCT Replacement Seed # 1

posted by / News / December 18, 2005

D.O.B.: Feb 23,19832005 WCT VICTORIES: 0 CURRENT RESIDENCE: Gold Coast, AustraliaSTANCE: NaturalSPONSORS: Billabong, Mt Woodgee 2006 WCT EVENTS & RESULTS:Event

Jihad Khodr: 2006 WCT Replacement Seed # 2

posted by / News / December 18, 2005

D.O.B: December 30, 1983Current Residence: Matinhos, Parana, BrazilStance: RegularSponsors: Quiksilver, Canfield Surfboards 2006 WCT EVENTS & RESULTS:Event #1 Quiksilver Pro:

Lee Winkler: 2006 WCT Replacement Seed # 3

posted by / News / December 18, 2005

D.O.B.: June 14, 19772005 WCT VICTORIES: 0NICKNAME: WokCURRENT RESIDENCE: Coffs Harbour, AustraliaHEIGHT: 5’5”STANCE: RegularSPONSORS: Gotcha, Arnette, Ocean & Earth, Kustom,

Andy Irons Wins The 2005 Rip Curl Pipeline Masters And 2005 Triple Crown Of Surfing

posted by / News / December 17, 2005

Andy Irons makes it a triple.Andy Irons capped off the final with a perfect ’10’ SURF: One swell, two directions;

Chelsea Georgeson Wins 2005 World Title, Billabong Pro and Triple Crown

posted by / News / December 16, 2005

Chelsea Georgeson achieved the ultimate trifecta today to become the only athlete in the history of women’s surfing to win

2005 Rip Curl Pipe Masters – Round 2 & 3 Wrap-Up

posted by / News / December 16, 2005

Retiring legends surf their final WCT heats; well, some of them do, at leastLuke Egan charged on what could have

The Burning Question; How Do YOU Feel Abou Clark Foam’s Closure?

posted by / News / December 14, 2005

Back in the day: Clark blanks await the careful eye of Jeff ‘Doc’ Lausch of Surf Prescriptions – just mere

The Burning Question; Who Will Win The 2005 Rip Curl Pipeline Masters?

posted by / News / December 13, 2005

SURFING Magazine wants to know: Who do YOU think will win the 2005 Pipe Masters? Vote early and vote often!

2005 North Shore Week In Review: 12-05-05 to 12-11-05

posted by / News / December 12, 2005

It’s hard to believe we’re rounding the final stretch on this year’s prime time North Shore season. Has it really

2005 Rip Curl Pipeline Masters – Day 2: Round 1 Completed

posted by / News / December 10, 2005

SURF: trade-hacked, four-foot leftoversEVENTS HELD: Round OneNATURE’S CALL: Surf it and like itPREDICTED: One stacked Loser’s Bracket You mean I’ve

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