It’s October And Alexis Ren Needs You

Keep track of your month with the lovely Alexis Ren.


It’s fall, and you can almost smell the excitement coming from suburbia. Wanna know why? Because suburbia loves Fall. No, scratch that, girls love fall. Something about the idea of curling up in a ball milking a pumpkin spice latte and watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls just makes them wanna melt – just ask this month’s SURFING Magazine swim model Alexis Ren. Even though she may be sporting her dazzling Roxy swimsuit on a hot summer day in the above photo, Alexis glows at the idea of a cozy day on the couch. So why don’t you download one of the roadmaps below to your guys’ month together and bundle up with a couple Ventis – Ms. Ren, along with Starbucks’ stockholders, will thank you.

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