Meet The Girls: Rachel Thomas

posted by / Swim / March 18, 2014

Here it is. Your chance. Your in. Meet Rachel Thomas, one of the gorgeous women featured in our 2014 Swimsuit Issue. Get lost in her eyes. Listen — with all your ears — when she speaks. Fall in love.

OK, maybe it’s a bit too soon after the movie Her to be falling in love with a digital something. But seriously, meet Rachel Thomas. And at least fall in lust.

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  • dontneednochokebrain

    Lust? How about encouraging her, gently, to lust for some food. How about you guys stop pushing anorexic bodies on us and call this sexy and beautiful? Thanks.

  • needtochokechicken

    She’ll get fat when she’s 38. Idk about you, but i’ll enjoy her look before that metabolism slows down….

  • stupid_imwith

    she needs to eat…. stop using overly skinny girls.

  • Corey Wilson

    I was on this trip and she ate just as much food if not more than us guys. Some people just have different body types and metabolism’s than other people.

  • Jon

    Why does she have to be anorexic? Maybe she pushes herself at the gym everyday, eats a regimented diet, and treats her body well. Now watch her declare her eating disorder and make me look like an ass, but my point is that, just because a girl is skinny doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat.

  • Kitty

    Or instead of being anorexic and too skinny she could be a naturally beautiful petite woman who has worked her ass off to get to where she is! She’s talented, determined, and gorgeous. Now watch and admire.

  • Prudence

    I’ve known her since we were kids – she was always a skinny little thing, she always will be, and it’s completely unfair to put the entire weight of the weight-obsessed media on her skinny little shoulders. She can demolish a bag of cheetos like a pro. Take your insecurities out on someone else.

  • Dear Prudence

    actually i have nothing to say. i just water to quote the beatles.

    ps- that girls hot

  • Matt S.

    OK she’s beautiful but that’s enough skinny girls. Put your shoulder to the wheel and find us some curvy girls. I’m glad she’s not hungry but uhh, who really cares I just would like a little variety in my half naked young women. Get busy and don’t forget about us, the men and women who like em bigger and super skinny.


    them bones them bones gonna walk all over