Swimsuit Issue 2012

posted by / Swim / March 16, 2012

swimsuit issue

Our annual issue of bikinis and beauties is on sale April 3. Excited? We are.

Here are 47 sexy seconds to whet your appetite

Filming by James Cane
Edit by Sean Lesh

How to get it







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  • Jeff

    Beautiful bodies and sexy swimwear — but I don’t see anybody realistically SURFING in any of those pieces! Seems to me like a shameless ploy right out of Sports Illustrated’s playbook. A little differentiation would’ve been nice – sexy – but more appropriate to the surf audience!


  • Ugly American

    No East or Southeast Asians. No Polynesians. No Blacks. WTF? I saw only a couple women with brunette hair, brown eyes, and darker skin but still with caucasian features. Don’t get me wrong, the women have nice bodies and were basically pretty but a bit too typical for this type of thing making it just like all the rest.

  • David M.

    As usual some idiot has to throw in the racist card, just goes to show the mentality of people now day’s, they just can’t enjoy something without saying something stupid.

  • Vince

    It’s a proven fact that prejudice is a sign of lower intelligence and lower IQ.

    Regardless of race, I’d date any one of these girls.


  • bigbsurfer

    all I see are butts! Butts drive me nutts!

  • Surfer dude

    I would guess these are the kind of girls surfers like. It ios a surfer mag.

  • muhamadi

    me i think that those are angels from heaven

  • Paul codder

    does anyone know the song name?

  • Lisa B.

    Typical shots,It needs to be interesting and have you on the edge of your seat,waiting for the next photo.These are just plain typical shots.I am a country girl and I can even see how boring the photos are.

  • Mike

    I would like to know the song also!

  • Hal

    Right on David M

  • Ron

    As usual,the attack on the guy who tells the blatant truth.Ugly American got it right. Even if I didn’t agree with him,I’d defend his right to express himself.Fact is,you guys couldn’t handle it if there were all non white girls pictured. You guys are addicted to blond hair and blue eyes.It borders on worship.A real woman would keep you on your heels.The truth is the truth.

  • San

    @ David M. and Hal: You’re both representative of the ignoramus race. You don’t know the meaning behind your words, and what you say affects the greater whole. Wake up.


    Yes, the line that ‘pretty girls make waves’ did catch my eye, thus I had to see for myself, for I feel that sexy women ‘have waves, curls, curves…d!b cups, front/rear!!


    they are too hot and sexy

  • boored

    These women are booring, sure they are hot, but I would rather look at athletic women who actually do something, you know, like surf. If I want these types of models I will just watch a VS fasion show.

  • D B


  • Tom

    The song is called “Caladan” by the group Grimes. I love it!

  • Navdeep Jatt

    I just want to fuck them all

  • ron

    They’re not models they’re pretty girls doing pretty things hoping that everybody that sees them will enjoy without all the pissin and moaning and there all hot. If there had of been a red blue or green girl there, they would allowed to join in.

  • Filippo

    music by
    Rio Rio
    song: Sparklers, Gunships


  • Surfhoney

    Some very pretty faces, (and some odd Vogue-esque makeup/hair, which I found odd in Surfer Mag), but Surfing Mag, please remember many of your customer base are women who actually surf, and I, for one, would like to see:

    1) Great bikinis I can SURF in
    2) Models who are athletically built, can surf and who are in the water SURFING in said bikinis.

    Ron: You wrote: “You guys are addicted to blond hair and blue eyes.It borders on worship.A real woman would keep you on your heels.The truth is the truth”

    Are you saying because I’m a natural blonde with blue eyes that I’m not a real woman??? What kind of idiotic remark is that?? Also you insinuated that a ‘non=blonde/blue” would “keep men on their heels”. I think you meant “keep them on their toes’ but then again, you don’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Umm, btw, by your remarks, you’re also racist!!!

    Ugly American: Your name and comments are unsurprisingly cynical. you wrote, “bit too typical for this type of thing” what type of thing is that?? A swimsuit issue?? LOL…Its not a Miss World Beauty Contest.
    You also wrote, “…making it just like all the rest” all the rest of what???
    All the rest of the world??? All the rest of surfdom??

    David M: I agree with you. “Now day’s”, however is spelled “Nowa-days”.
    No possessive ‘s’ or contraction there. Don’t know why, but seems more and more people are writing like that…maybe it’s all the texting we do we’re forgetting how to write??

  • BOb