Fergal Smith // Ireland // 4:40

posted by / Video / September 3, 2014

They’re always after my perfect waves!

Chippa Wilson + Nathan Fletcher // Chromatic Trailer // 1:31

posted by / Video / July 26, 2012

The anticipation is already starting to churn as Analog releases their new trailer, CHROMATIC

Chippa and Nathan Fletcher face off with Riley Blakeway behind the lens. A winning formula indeed.

Dirty Harry Vol. 3 // 6:59

posted by / Video / September 20, 2011

“Harry” heads south of the border, and we catch up with the series’ star and its filmmaker to learn about the genesis of Dirty Harry

Vol. 3: Head-high and under on the righthand points of Mexico

PLA Stands For…

posted by / News / March 1, 2011

Most original answer gets limited Analog trunks from their Permanent Light Archive series — a photographic artist collab.


Update: Winners chosen. Thanks to everyone for PLAying

Jason Harris // Dirty Harry: Vol. 1 // 6:19

posted by / News, Video / January 18, 2011

Lo-fi Super 8 edit with plenty of ripping and unique delivery

Free Movie Download, NOW.

posted by / Video / December 22, 2010

Your new favorite surf flick comes just in time for Christmas

Analog’s NOW Film Premiere in Costa Mesa

posted by / News / December 22, 2010

A big night for Chippa Wilson became a big night for everyone. Here’s the evidence

Analog: Pick Your Poison

posted by / News / December 13, 2010

Help promote the online premiere of Analog’s film NOW, coming to this Wednesday, and pick your own prize from the Analog Fall Collection

Movie Premiere: NOW.

posted by / News / December 3, 2010

Join us on starting December 15, 9:00 AM EST for the profile flick of Chippa Wilson by Analog and Riley Blakeway

Chippa Wilson: NOW

posted by / News / September 1, 2010

Chippa Wilson is a skateboarder

Back From The Dead: Nathan Fletcher Interview

posted by / News / July 9, 2009

Nathan Fletcher emerges and delivers his movie Lavase Los Manos By Travis Ferré Seven months ago today Nathan Fletcher snapped