Bikini BirdPosts

Endless Summer

posted by / Swim / August 7, 2012

bikini birdMeet photographer Deaja Fallas while the Bikini Birds style the latest shoot

Free People for the people

Collaborations to Love

posted by / Swim / June 8, 2012

bikini birdThe only thing better than one beautiful mind is two

We share our favorite collaborations

Hawaiian Punch | Bikini Bird Editorial

posted by / Swim / April 23, 2012

bikini birdThe Bikini Birds were on location

This is their styling

Top 12 Summer Trends: Shop Now

posted by / Swim / April 12, 2012

bikini birdTrends as seen in the Annual Swimsuit Issue

With special shopping codes

Keepin’ it Clean

posted by / Swim / March 30, 2012

bikini birdWith summer right around the corner, swimsuits season is upon us

Tips and tricks from Lisa Dorian on extending the life of your prize posessions

Teeki Kinis | Good & Green

posted by / Swim / March 23, 2012

bikini birdBuilding a brand with eco-friendly materials, Teeki materials are derived from plastic bottles

Designers of Shimmi Swimwear Share Some Secrets

posted by / Swim / March 16, 2012

bikini birdIt’s their “obsessions of the moment”

…And they can’t live without them

Our 10 Sunglass Favs

posted by / Swim / February 3, 2012

bikini birdBeach, pool, town, here are some of our favorite everyday sunnies.

Billabong’s Design Director Mandy Robinson | Fijian Getaway

posted by / Swim / January 13, 2012

bikini birdAlthough she’s busy keeping Billabong as one of the leaders for style and design, Mandy Robinson (Billabong’s Design Director) had a chance to fill us in on her Tavi essentials.

S A Y U L I T A by Salt Swimwear designer Layla Pakzad

posted by / Swim / December 16, 2011

bikini birdBikini Birds and friends flocked to Sayulita for relaxation and design inspiration

A little taste of L*Space

posted by / Swim / December 1, 2011

bikini birdIntroducing Monica Wise, owner and swimwear afficionado of L*Space

Pura Vida!! Costa Rica

posted by / Swim / November 28, 2011

bikini birdTis’ the season for an escape to a chic tropical paradise that offers sun, surf and reason to wear your new bikini.

Here are a few places and pieces we love….

Le Bustier

posted by / Swim / November 11, 2011

bikini birdEveryone likes to feel a little perky.

Bustier is the trend

Day Glow

posted by / Swim / November 10, 2011

bikini bird Neon is here to stay.

The Bikini Birds say so.

SURFING Teams with Bikini Bird

posted by / Swim / November 8, 2011

Because swimsuits and babes are as much a part of surf culture as sand and sun.

But way better to look at and discuss.