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Backstage North Shore // Dakine // 11:01

posted by / Video / November 24, 2014

‘Tis the season.

Does Getting A Cover Still Matter?

posted by / Magazine / October 31, 2014

Kelly, John John, Kolohe and CJ weigh in.

CJ Hobgood Almost Smashed His Face On A Rock

posted by / Video / October 11, 2014

And somehow, you need to see it.

CJ Hobgood’s New Endeavors

posted by / News / June 25, 2014

The birth of a brand, the conception of a movie.

CJ Hobgood & Yadin Nicol // West Oz // 4:21

posted by / Video / May 28, 2014

Complete with a beautiful CJ Hobgood soliloquy.

CJ Hobgood Signs With Surface Sun Systems

posted by / News / December 10, 2013

Surface Sun Systems is privileged to welcome CJ Hobgood as a vital member to our family of incredible athletes! Being […]

Tiger VS Bear: Danny Fuller And CJ Hobgood

posted by / Video / December 4, 2013

Two cherries from the Pipeline orchard.

Lowers // Hurley Pro Warmup // 4:58

posted by / Video / September 23, 2013

Getting loose with the world’s finest

The storm before the calm

Stormtroopers // Typhoon Lagoon // 3:57

posted by / Storm Troopers, Video / September 11, 2013

Dylan Graves & Florida’s finest jump in the pool

And conquer the Chlorine Menace

Jordy Smith & CJ Hobgood // 21 Days: Episode 2 // 16:18

posted by / Video / August 7, 2013

Jordy takes to the dementia at the US Open

CJ stays golden in the Sunshine State

The Bobby Martinez Interviews

posted by / Video / August 5, 2013

Bobby speaks with Eithan Osborne, Conner Coffin, CJ Hobgood, Kalani Robb and Dane Reynolds about life after pro surfing

Bobby asks the hard questions

Jordy Smith & CJ Hobgood // 21 Days: Episode 1 // 18:39

posted by / Video / August 2, 2013

CJ plans for his future and spends time at home while Jordy drops a knee

“I kinda shared a bit of a tear, quietly.” –Jordy Smith

CJ Hobgood Joins Finatic

posted by / News / July 8, 2013

Finatic’s business model resembles that of Netfilx

So, where do I sign up?

You Are Here: CJ Hobgood, Veteran

posted by / Blogs / June 26, 2013

You Are Here, Nathan MyersIf God says he stinks, CJ Hobgood will quit the WCT tour tomorrow.

Right now though, he smells like napalm in the morning.

July 2013 Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Magazine, Photos / May 22, 2013

From printed ink

… to digital pixels

17 Photos: Strange Rumblings Outtakes

posted by / Photos / May 13, 2013

Fernando de Norhana extras from Globe’s new movie

Visual beats by DJ Struntz

20 Photos: South of the Border

posted by / Photos / April 29, 2013

A successful summer isn’t complete without a jaunt into Central America

Shall we look at the evidence?

So Last Year

posted by / Photos / January 4, 2013

Time flies, so we stop it for a moment.

A 2012 photo feature

January Issue Outtakes: The State I Hate

posted by / Magazine / November 30, 2012

An eight-day road trip through the Sunshine State

Chas Smith confronts his own regional bigotry

The Making of Year Zero

posted by / Lightbox / October 18, 2012

To celebrate the start of Joe G’s newest project, we look back at his last.

New footage. New photos. Knew you’d love it

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