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Craig Anderson on the Hypto Krypto // 2:59

posted by / Video / December 16, 2014


Craig Anderson Joins HUF Footwear

posted by / Video / December 10, 2014

Their first surfer yet.

Chippa, Ando & More // Buoy Eyes // 2:32

posted by / Video / September 16, 2014

+50 points for the water cinematography.

Dion, Creed & Craig // Sliced Pudding // 8:38

posted by / Video / July 10, 2014

Indie is as indie does.

Tiger VS Bear: Craig Anderson And Jack Freestone

posted by / Video / February 28, 2014

How you like take your air reverse?

Watch: Dane Reynolds Loaded

posted by / Video / February 3, 2014

Spend 23 minutes with Dane, Craig Noa and friends.

Monday Photos: Craig Anderson

posted by / Monday Photos, Photos / September 23, 2013

Morgan Maassen’s time with Craig Anderson in Mexico

A Slow Dance encore

Warren Smith, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius // New England // 13:40

posted by / Video / March 27, 2013

An unexpected and impromptu trip found Warren and Dion posting up in New England for three months

They said they did it for peace and quiet. They really did it for this lovely, little left wedge

Craig Anderson // Mexico // 2:48

posted by / Video / March 26, 2013

Can we call Ando’s surfing timeless?

A mix of the past, the present and the future

Craig Anderson Joins Future Fins

posted by / News / February 15, 2013

He doesn’t know a lot about surfboard and design

But he does know what feels good

So Last Year

posted by / Photos / January 4, 2013

Time flies, so we stop it for a moment.

A 2012 photo feature

Craig Anderson, Josh Kerr, Asher Pacey // Australia // 2:50

posted by / Video / January 4, 2013

A foreigner’s perspective of Down Under

All in one pretty, pretty package

January Issue Outtakes: Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson in Canada

posted by / Magazine / December 3, 2012

Hurricane Leslie sends the friends to Nova Scotia. Did they score? Not really.

But it’s Dane and Craig, so we look anyway

Spooky Little Girl Like You

posted by / Magazine / November 18, 2012

Where was Kelly on this trip?

He might have been in the bathroom at Pat O’Connell’s house

DC Shoes: Free For All // Indonesia // 8:42

posted by / Video / October 16, 2012

Indo + Craig Anderson, Mitch Coleborn Dillon Perillo and Ry Craike + back to back swells

Another epic short-film, all because DC ♥s you

November Issue Outtakes: Abalone Romance

posted by / Magazine / October 8, 2012

Craig Anderson travels through Africa for a month, filming for his new movie. He found a few waves, but is still searching for a name.

Glitter Pickle. Ball Point Soul. Earth Ripper. Style Surge. Drip, Drop, Suck, Spit

November 2012 Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Photos / October 5, 2012

Yes, it’s that time of the month again. Time to swap out your wallpaper

Maybe that Julian shot would look good on your lappy and the African lineup on your desktop. Just sayin’

What’s He On? Craig Anderson’s African Safari Sled

posted by / Blogs / September 26, 2012

5’4″’ x 19 1/2″’ x 2 3/8″’ Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto FutureFlex

With Craig in the Motherland and Hayden in the Homeland

Abalone Romance

posted by / Magazine / September 19, 2012

Style MAsters, Rad Style Masters

Quik Files, The Silver Chapters

November Issue 2012 SURFING Magazine

posted by / Magazine / September 16, 2012

Julian and Jordy duel in Reunion

While Craig Anderson logs serious tube time in “Abalone Romance”

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