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Puerto Escondido In Black And White

posted by / Video / May 21, 2015

Moody Mexican pipes.

Heroic Out Loud

posted by / Magazine / December 30, 2013

Chas Smith tells why big-wave surfing should be Hollywood’s child.

Twig // A Calculated Madness // 12:49

posted by / Video / December 18, 2013

Derek Dunfee rambles through South Africa with Grant “Twiggy” Baker.

Neptune Place // Episode 3 // 3:45

posted by / Video / October 16, 2013

Summer’s grand finale in San Diego

La Jolla knows best

Derek Dunfee // Hawaii, California, Mexico // 3:30

posted by / Video / July 19, 2013

A film by Derek Dunfee in search of the world’s best big waves

This is “Three Wolves”

Derek Dunfee // North Shore, Oahu // 3:10

posted by / Video / April 23, 2013

Dunfee’s winter frolic comprised of epic tubes and epic fails

The fails are worth the tubes

SHVDE is a Work of Art

posted by / Video / December 13, 2012

Derek Dunfee writes and directs a silent film and it makes Chas Smith jealous.

If you’re a child, or just want surf porn, ya might wanna skip it

Derek Dunfee // Puerto Escondido // 4:32

posted by / Video / September 28, 2012

The latest web series installment of Coming of Ageless

Tubos! Y mas tubos.

Volcom Team // Pipeline & Proximity // 6:16

posted by / Video / April 30, 2012

Episode five from Volcom’s FUNTITLED series

A highlight reel for the ages — Pipe puts on it’s best game face while Volcom’s elite tame the aquatic beast

La Jolla Surfers // Windansea // 7:47

posted by / Video / March 26, 2012

In the California Issue of SURFING magazine, Derek Dunfee wrote, contributed photographs and surfed in the article “Never Never Land,” about his hometown of La Jolla. On top of all that he somehow found time to make this film, too.

Not a word is spoken, but much is said

California Surf Town: La Jolla

posted by / Magazine / March 22, 2012

Welcome to Windansea

Get ready to self-destruct

May Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine

posted by / Magazine / March 21, 2012

California Surf Towns

Sometimes postcards lie: La Jolla and Santa Cruz

Down With the Ship

posted by / Video / January 13, 2011

Watch Derek Dunfee eat shit and bounce back

Out of Office Reply: Down With the Ship

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / November 26, 2010

Derek Dunfee came into the office to show us his new movie. Not for the squeamish

Five Photos by Peter Taras, Vol. 2

posted by / Photos / November 4, 2010

A five photo narrative from last month plus one

Down with the Ship

posted by / News / July 15, 2010

A documentary about San Diego Wave Surfer Derek Dunfee and his friends