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April 2012 Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Photos / March 2, 2012

Thousands of images were narrowed down to these eleven by Photo Editors Peter Taras and Jimmicane

These are the fruits of our Hawaii issue — now they’re yours

Breaking Tents

posted by / Blogs / December 15, 2011

Baby! Take it offChas Smith reflects on the Pipe Masters and his favorite competitors

“The whole of the Triple Crown was, in fact, amazing,” he says

10 Photos: Billabong Pipe Masters

posted by / Photos / December 13, 2011

Jimmicane gives you a sneak peak of our Triple Crown online Lightbox, coming soon.

Consider this a welcome tease

North Shore Underground: The Evan Episode

posted by / Video / December 18, 2010


North Shore Underground

North Shore Underground: Evan (and Brittney), at Rest

posted by / News / December 15, 2010

North Shore Underground

A conversation with Evan and his lovely babe

North Shore Underground: Evan Valiere Had This Coming

posted by / News / November 21, 2010

Every underground surfer dreams of a golden Hurley parachute. Evan, newly sponsored, explains how it happened for him

North Shore Underground: A Bang and a Whimper

posted by / News / November 19, 2010

Evan Valiere and Ola Eleogram — two starkly different starts to the season

Welcome to the North Shore Underground

posted by / News / November 15, 2010

Six diamonds in the rough. One golden ticket

This is Evan Valiere

posted by / News / November 15, 2010

26 // North Shore, Kauai // Surfer, surf instructor and tour guide