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Tiger VS Bear: Flynn Novak And Yago Dora

posted by / Video / January 9, 2015

(Back)flip the script.

Flynn Novak // Death 2 Hipsters // 5:32

posted by / Video / December 28, 2014

Fack blipping.

Happy Ending: Single Flynn

posted by / Blogs, Happy Ending, Photos / October 25, 2013

Flynn Novak punts on a single fin in the infant stages of the 2013 North Shore season.

Ten Photos: Corey Wilson’s Water Work

posted by / Photos / February 17, 2012

Shooting in the water takes a lot of skill, something Corey knows a lot about.

Come on in and join him for a swim

Volcom Pipe Pro Day 3

posted by / Photos / February 1, 2012

In maxing Pipeline conditions, a field of relatively unknown Pipe surfers get their share of the glory.

And oh my, the glory

One and a half days of the Volcom Pipe Pro

posted by / Photos / January 30, 2012

The first two days of the VPP saw maxing swell, injuries, decreasing swell, grom dominance, a Pura Vida 10-point ride and Wardo found

In that order

Kalani Chapman & Friends // North Shore, Oahu // 5:00

posted by / Video / January 19, 2012

A very well-done short film oozing with unique angles and beautiful cinematography

Kalani guides the way and Alex DePhillipo captures all the moments

Kustom Footwear Launches NEW Website

posted by / More, Press / September 24, 2010

Following the future into cyberspace, the site is fully interactive

Flynn Novak and his ‘Flynnstone Flip’ wins the 2010 Kustom Airstrike

posted by / News / September 15, 2010

And the winner, by split decision.

Bounty Hunters

posted by / News / September 9, 2010

Would $100,000 change the way you surf? Maybe it already has. A report on the rich, one-off competitions that are driving surf progression

The SURFING Blog: Judging the Kustom Airstrike

posted by / Blogs / September 2, 2010

Travis Ferré on awarding $50,000 — plus watch the Top 10 aerials of the year

Kustom Airstrike: Big-Spin or Backflip?

posted by / News / August 27, 2010

Which of these two surfers deserves $50,000?

Exposure Shits on Image — Part 3

posted by / News / August 26, 2010

The final chapter in the Flynn Novak Interview

Exposure Shits on Image — Part 2

posted by / News / August 25, 2010

The Flynn Novak Interview, cont.

Exposure Shits On Image — Part 1

posted by / News / August 24, 2010

The Flynn Novak Interview

Hawaiian lights up Kustom Airstrike with Flynnstone Flip

posted by / Press / July 6, 2010

Flynn Novak coins the Flynnestone flip and is in the running for $50,000 first prize.