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Multiple Personality Disorder: Episode 2 // 3:52

posted by / Video / October 16, 2012

Episode two takes them deep into the jungle and on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

The Arnette team has never been so happy to see coastline

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Freddy Patacchia, aka Dial-A-Quote, on the ASP

posted by / News / March 22, 2011

Surfing has a proud tradition of outspoken renegade types. Oahu’s Freddy P. fits nicely into that mold, and here tells us why “we’ve fucked our whole [World Tour] system,” with his typical zest


NSSA Cheat-Sheet: Fred Patacchia

posted by / Blogs / July 1, 2010

Past champs share wisdom from their Nationals success

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Sonic Youth

posted by / News / April 5, 2010

Rip Curl Pro Day 6: Freddy P channels Johnny McEnroe


Bells Beginnings

posted by / News / March 30, 2010

Anatomy of a down day as the Rip Curl Pro waiting period begins