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Craig Anderson Joins Future Fins

posted by / News / February 15, 2013

He doesn’t know a lot about surfboard and design

But he does know what feels good

Futures Releases Jordy Smith Signature Fin

posted by / News / October 4, 2012

This fin represents Jordy’s in-depth knowledge of his equipment

“I’ve worked on thousands of boards, and have had a lot of experience with fin placement, tow angles, cants and templates.”–Jordy

Rasta X Future Fins

posted by / News / February 8, 2012

He got a new quad set up

It’s the release of his second signature fin

Jordy Smith Signs with Future Fins

posted by / News / March 25, 2011

Futures Fins is stoked to announce the signing

of South African phenom Jordy Smith to the global team.