Catching Up With Filmmaker Joe G

posted by / Blogs / August 14, 2015

Plotting what’s to come.

Nate Tyler // Nomad Boot // 2:02

posted by / Video / January 14, 2015

Rugged to boot.

Strange Rumblings: Full Iceland Part

posted by / Video / December 16, 2014

Free joy.

You Can Buy Strange Rumblings On iTunes Right Now

posted by / News / September 23, 2014

And this is why you should.

Strange Rumblings In Shangri La Trailer

posted by / Video / June 24, 2014

Meet your new favorite surf movie.

Happy Ending: Bushy

posted by / Happy Ending / May 2, 2014

Creed McTaggart in the bush.

Monday Photos: French Film

posted by / Monday Photos, Photos / November 18, 2013

Like typing a hand-written letter.

This Ride Never Ends Flipbook

posted by / Lightbox, Photos / October 22, 2013

The Globe team in Indonesia filming for Joe G’s Strange Rumblings

What a strange trip

SURFING Magazine December 2013 Issue

posted by / Magazine / October 7, 2013

Going thrice around the world

And brining it all back home

Creed McTaggart // Black And White Edits // 4:08

posted by / Video / October 2, 2013

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of Creed lately

And this is why

One Year With Creed

posted by / Photos / August 30, 2013

Charting the 12 months that changed Creed McTaggart’s life

Photos and words from the man himself

Alex & Koa Smith // Dos Banderas // 3:18

posted by / Video / August 28, 2013

The brothers score Nicaragua and Mexico

Power, panache and sexy girls

Globe Wants You To Grow Your Skateboard Quiver

posted by / News / August 14, 2013

And they use pretty gals in little/no clothing to coax you

Expand and enlighten your collection of skates

Strange Rumblings

posted by / Magazine / March 10, 2013

Another Joe G production

Most likely to be mind blowing

March Issue Outtakes: Iceland

posted by / Magazine / January 14, 2013

The Great Icelandic Adventure

Globe’s last project with Dion Agius, Nate Tyler and Brendon Gibbens

The Making of Year Zero

posted by / Lightbox / October 18, 2012

To celebrate the start of Joe G’s newest project, we look back at his last.

New footage. New photos. Knew you’d love it

Dion Agius // Electric Blue Heaven // 6:51

posted by / Video / June 21, 2012

Ten Russian models. Lambos. Dion. United Arab Emirates. Joe G. Wave Pool. Sheik. These are the ingredients of Electric Blue Heaven.

Now pick up your August 2012 issue and read the full story

Money Makers: Globe’s Bantam Cruiser

posted by / Magazine / June 15, 2012

Globe is number one

Just check the numbers

Video Teaser: Electric Blue Heaven // 0:54

posted by / Video / June 12, 2012

Is that a wave pool? Wait, it’s in Dubai? Dion Agius featured in our August issue cover story

Full video premiere playing right here on coming June 18

Globe’s Bantam Ditch Days // 1:10

posted by / Video / May 25, 2012

Globe’s Bantam skateboards are back — now with new colorways, wider trucks and stiffer decks

Go ahead, have yourself a ditch day

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