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24 Photos: Maui by DJ Struntz

posted by / Photos / May 28, 2013

The Maui boys connect with DJ for a feature in our July Issue

…and they don’t disappoint

Hank Gaskell // Salt Creek // 1:57

posted by / Video / April 21, 2013

Hank takes Infinity Surfbords’ High Five model through the paces

Tested and approved.

Infinity Team // Salt Creek // 3:11

posted by / Video / May 2, 2012

A not-so-sunny-Sunday surf gets lit up by Sam Orozco, Hank Gaskell, Geoff Brack and friends

Some hacks, some tubes, some airs

Chomp Proper // Maui // 3:40

posted by / News, Video / June 22, 2011

Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Hank Gaskell and Dege O’Connell’s three-day edit for Nike’s video contest is def worth a check-out

We’d never say we told you so, but…

North Shore Underground: The Hank Episode

posted by / Video / January 1, 2011

Hippie Hana Hank: Once the next big thing out of Maui. Still maybe the next big thing out of Maui

North Shore Underground: The Maui Boys’ Passion Pit

posted by / News / December 28, 2010

The kids who crash here crash for love

North Shore Underground: Way, Way Over Ground

posted by / News / December 10, 2010

Hank, Ola, Mikey and Dege O’Connell trade downtime for up time. By jumping from a plane

North Shore Underground: Hank on Hank

posted by / News / November 30, 2010

“Nearly everything went to plan.” —Hank Gaskell, whose amateur record presaged bigger things than this

Welcome to the North Shore Underground

posted by / News / November 15, 2010

Six diamonds in the rough. One golden ticket

This is Hank Gaskell

posted by / News / November 15, 2010

24 // Hana, Maui // Underground surfer

A Day Late, A Dollar Short

posted by / News / September 10, 2010

Tahiti finally hits a home run — in the 10th inning

VonZipper / Air Tahiti Nui Trials – Day 1 Highlights

posted by / News / August 17, 2010

Anthony Walsh scores perfect ten while Laurie Towner nets highest heat total

Reef Hawaiian Pro Day 2

posted by / Event / November 19, 2009

Strong winds, weak surf continue at Haleiwa By Stuart Cornuelle This is how Hawaiian sponsorship used to work: “Hey kid,

Reef Hawaiian Pro Day 1

posted by / Event / November 13, 2009

Roaring in like a lamb By Stuart Cornuelle Makapu’u was getting pounded with swell today. Where is Makapu’u? On the

Get Ready to Charge

posted by / Event / November 12, 2009

The Vans Triple Crown Starts Today and we’ve got predictions By Matt Skenazy It’s like baseball’s World Series, football’s Super

Who wouldn’t want to sponsor that?

posted by / Some Answers / November 5, 2009

Some Answers from Hank Gaskell Maui is everything right now. Maui is Dusty and Barger and Marzo and Granger Larsen.

Hank Gaskell Wins 2009 Xcel Pro

posted by / News / November 2, 2009

Maui’s Hank Gaskell Wins 2009 Xcel Pro Presented by Honolua Overcomes Sullivan, Padaca, Beschen in Gritty Final Heat HALEIWA, OAHU,